The Department of Periodontics educates predoctoral students as well as professional students, who may elect to pursue graduate study along with their professional training. The department also provides interdisciplinary care for patients with complex treatment needs; generates new knowledge through its research programs; and provides professional service and leadership at all levels, local to worldwide.

D.D.S. Student Training

The periodontal program instructs Doctor of Dental Surgery students in the diagnosis and management of periodontal diseases. It combines didactic, laboratory, and clinical experiences and applies the biological concepts of periodontology to the comprehensive clinical management of patients.

Professional Program of Study


The department has 22 modern, well-equipped operatories devoted exclusively to periodontics.

Research facilities include laboratories in histology, microscopy, biomaterials, quantitation, tissue culture, molecular biology and biochemistry, and microbiology. Other facilities are available by arrangement with University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics, Eckstein Medical Research Building, and Medical Laboratories.

Periodontics Courses

PERI:5220 Periodontics Classic Literature Reviewarr.

Foundation of core concepts pertaining to the field of periodontology; includes review and critical analysis of landmark studies that have shaped the development of contemporary concepts in diagnosis and management of periodontal conditions and diseases and implant dentistry in a multidisciplinary context.

PERI:5700 Advanced Periodontology0-1 s.h.

PERI:5710 Case Management Seminar0,2 s.h.

Case management seminar in periodontics.

PERI:5720 Current Topics0-1 s.h.

Current topics in periodontics.

PERI:5740 Periodontal Implant Provisionalization0-1 s.h.

PERI:5750 Advanced Clinical Periodontics0,2 s.h.

PERI:7208 Recent Advances in Periodontics0-3 s.h.

Review of current literature.

PERI:7700 Practice Management0-1 s.h.

Practice management in periodontics.

PERI:7701 Practice Teaching in Periodontics0-2 s.h.

PERI:8120 Periodontic Methods I2 s.h.

Normal periodontium, periodontal diseases, diagnosis etiology, epidemiology of periodontal diseases.

PERI:8230 Periodontic Methods II1 s.h.

Periodontal treatment planning, prognosis, initial phase of periodontal therapy, treatment of acute periodontal problems, overview of surgical procedures.

PERI:8360 Periodontics Clinicarr.

Comprehensive clinical management of periodontal patients.

PERI:8365 Periodontology Seminar1-2 s.h.

Comprehensive concepts of periodontology, clinical management of patients.