Summer Research Experiences for Undergraduates

The University of Iowa hosts a variety of summer research experiences for undergraduates, both from the UI and from other institutions, to enhance students' understanding of research in a variety of disciplines. Acceptance into these programs is based on a competitive application system.

Participants develop research skills under the mentorship of University of Iowa faculty members. They also become part of a research community with access to programming, workshops, and professional development. These programs highlight career opportunities and provide guidance on applying to graduate and professional schools.

UI undergraduate researcher works with faculty to set up a drone.

Programs typically last 8–10 weeks and include a competitive stipend. Housing, food, and travel expenses are commonly covered by the programs. Interested students should refer to the individual programs for additional information on applications, timelines, research areas, and compensation. Many of these programs offer a 0 s.h. course enrollment for transcript recognition of participation.

Summer Programs at the University of Iowa

Summer programs that students may enroll in include the following.