Associated Courses

Students who are members of University of Iowa intercollegiate athletics teams may register for CSI:1460 Athletic Transition Seminar and CSI:1470 The Hawkeye Life Experience with the topic student-athlete mental health.

First-year student-athletes who enroll in CSI:1460 Athletic Transition Seminar receive 1 s.h. of graded credit. The course provides new student-athletes with an overview of the Hawkeye Life Student Development Program through the athletic department, and helps with their transition to college. Through the exploration and application of leadership, community engagement, academic success, health and well-being, career development, and diversity and inclusion, students are able to apply concepts learned in class to assist with their academic, personal, and career goals.

First-year student-athletes and those at higher levels may enroll in CSI:1470 The Hawkeye Life Experience with the topic student-athlete mental health and receive 1 s.h. of graded credit. The special topic is designed to increase student-athletes’ understanding of and awareness about their mental health and wellness in an emotionally safe environment. The course provides opportunities for students to examine who they are outside of their identities as athletes as well as opportunities to:

  • identify personal mental health concerns and challenges,
  • gain healthy coping strategies,
  • learn about the early warning signs of mental illness, and
  • learn about mental health resources.

Additionally, the course explores relevant topics regarding athlete mental health in today’s society. The course may be repeated for up to 4 s.h. of graded credit.

Registration for CSI:1460 and CSI:1470 with special topics requires permission from Student-Athlete Academic Services. Members of University of Iowa sport clubs are not eligible to enroll in CSI:1460 or CSI:1470.