Mathematics, BS

Bachelor of Science students majoring in mathematics enroll in one of three programs: Program A is for students who plan to work in business or government or pursue graduate study in mathematics; Program B is for students who seek secondary school teaching licensure; and Program C is for those seeking specialization in a mathematics-related area, such as actuarial science, biochemistry, biomathematics, biostatistics, chemistry, computer science, data science, economics, engineering (all departments), finance, physics, risk management and insurance, statistics, and so forth. Program C may be especially appropriate for students who plan to seek a mathematics-related job after earning a bachelor's degree, rather than going on to graduate study.

Learning Outcomes

Math majors will be able to:

  • give correct, logical mathematical proofs using mathematical terminology and hypotheses;
  • reason logically and quantitatively using algebraic, analytic, and numerical methods;
  • incorporate mathematical ideas and reasoning into well-written English; and
  • model and analyze problems in pure mathematics and in other disciplines.

BS with Second Major

Students majoring in mathematics may choose to earn a second major in computer science, statistics, actuarial science, or other disciplines. They must satisfy all requirements of Program A, Program B, or Program C in mathematics as well as all requirements for the second major. For more information, consult an advisor and see Declaring or Changing a Major on the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences website.

Transfer from Engineering to Mathematics

Certain engineering students who have completed MATH:1550 Engineering Mathematics I: Single Variable Calculus, MATH:1560 Engineering Mathematics II: Multivariable Calculus, MATH:2550 Engineering Mathematics III: Matrix Algebra, MATH:2560 Engineering Mathematics IV: Differential Equations, or MATH:3550 Engineering Mathematics V: Vector Calculus may count these courses toward the major in mathematics. See the Department of Mathematics website.