This is the first version of the 2024–25 General Catalog. Please check back regularly for changes. The final edition and the historical PDF will be published during the fall semester.

Undergraduate major: music (BA, BM)

Undergraduate minor: music

Graduate degrees: MA in music; PhD in music; DMA

Graduate minor: theory pedagogy



The University of Iowa School of Music is prominent in a fine arts community of international repute. It has long been recognized as one of the excellent university-based music schools in the United States.

The school's on-campus enrollment of approximately 450 music majors is large enough to sustain strong programs in all areas of specialization, yet small enough to ensure the individual attention essential to each student's development.

The faculty consists of highly trained artist-teachers in each specialization area and scholars of international distinction. Private lessons with faculty members are offered in all band and orchestra instruments, and in jazz studies, organ, piano, and voice.

The school's undergraduate programs offer all qualified students, whether music majors or nonmajors, the opportunity for further study of music. In addition to its comprehensive course offerings for majors, the school provides a substantial selection of courses especially recommended for nonmajors and several approved for the GE CLAS Core (see the following section, "Courses for Nonmajors").

Graduate programs in music are designed primarily to prepare students for teaching in secondary schools, colleges, and universities and for careers in performance and music therapy.

The School of Music is a charter member of the National Association of Schools of Music. The requirements for entrance and for graduation are in accordance with the association's published standards.

The School of Music participates in offering the Certificate in Digital Arts, and the Certificate in Social Justice and the Performing Arts

Courses for Nonmajors

The School of Music offers a wide range of courses that are appropriate for non-music majors. Courses about jazz, music and culture, music history, music software, and other topics are available as well as individual instruction on a number of instruments and voice; see School of Music Courses in this section of the catalog.

Several School of Music courses are approved for the GE CLAS Core; look for courses with the prefix MUS under "Historical Perspectives," "Literary, Visual, and Performing Arts," and "Values and Culture" in the GE CLAS Core section of the catalog.

For course descriptions, see School of Music Courses in this section of the catalog.

Participation in School of Music ensembles is open to all University of Iowa students with the ensemble director's approval. Major ensembles are as follows.

Course # Title Hours
MUS:1176Voxman Chorale1
MUS:1180Campus Symphony Orchestra1
MUS:3160Symphony Band/Concert Band1
MUS:3172Camerata Singers1
MUS:3174University Choir1

Other courses recommended for music nonmajors include the following.

Course # Title Hours
MUS:1000First-Year Seminar1
MUS:1001Group Piano I: Non-Music Majors1
MUS:1002Group Piano II: Non-Music Majors1
MUS:1007Garage Band: The Basics2
MUS:1009Jazz Cultures in America and Abroad3
MUS:1010Recital Attendance for Nonmajors1
MUS:1012Creativity in Music3
MUS:1020Performance Instruction for Nonmajors (interested students should consult with the instructor of their instrument)1
MUS:1066Introduction to Film Music3
MUS:1100Fundamentals of Music for Non-Music Majors3
MUS:1201Musicianship and Theory I4
MUS:1301Concepts and Contexts of Western Music3
MUS:1302Great Musicians3
MUS:1303Roots, Rock, and Rap: A History of Popular Music3
MUS:1310World Music3
MUS:1720History of Jazz3
MUS:1800World of the Beatles3
MUS:2005Issues in Popular Music: Women Who Rock3
MUS:2160Drumline Techniques1
MUS:2301History of Western Music I3
MUS:2302History of Western Music II3
MUS:2311/LAS:2311Music of Latin America and the Caribbean3
MUS:3851/DANC:3851Introduction to the Alexander Technique3

Applied Music

Instruction in applied music consists of individual and/or class lessons, at the instructor's option, for a minimum of one hour per week (students register for 2 s.h.). Music majors are required to attend weekly performance and pedagogy seminars in applied music. Courses are offered on a fee-per-course basis, in addition to tuition, and may be repeated.

Course # Title Hours
MUS:2020Lower Level Voice2
MUS:2021Lower Level Piano2
MUS:2022Lower Level Organ2
MUS:2023Lower Level Violin2
MUS:2024Lower Level Viola2
MUS:2025Lower Level Cello2
MUS:2026Lower Level String Bass2
MUS:2027Lower Level Flute2
MUS:2028Lower Level Oboe2
MUS:2029Lower Level Clarinet2
MUS:2030Lower Level Bassoon2
MUS:2031Lower Level Saxophone2
MUS:2032Lower Level Horn2
MUS:2033Lower Level Trumpet2
MUS:2034Lower Level Trombone2
MUS:2035Lower Level Euphonium2
MUS:2036Lower Level Tuba2
MUS:2037Lower Level Percussion2
MUS:2038Lower Level Jazz2
MUS:3020Upper Level Voice2
MUS:3021Upper Level Piano2
MUS:3022Upper Level Organ2
MUS:3023Upper Level Violin2
MUS:3024Upper Level Viola2
MUS:3025Upper Level Cello2
MUS:3026Upper Level String Bass2
MUS:3027Upper Level Flute2
MUS:3028Upper Level Oboe2
MUS:3029Upper Level Clarinet2
MUS:3030Upper Level Bassoon2
MUS:3031Upper Level Saxophone2
MUS:3032Upper Level Horn2
MUS:3033Upper Level Trumpet2
MUS:3034Upper Level Trombone2
MUS:3035Upper Level Euphonium2
MUS:3036Upper Level Tuba2
MUS:3037Upper Level Percussion2
MUS:3038Upper Level Jazz2
MUS:6020Major Voice2
MUS:6021Major Piano2
MUS:6022Major Organ2
MUS:6023Major Violin2
MUS:6024Major Viola2
MUS:6025Major Cello2
MUS:6026Major String Bass2
MUS:6027Major Flute2
MUS:6028Major Oboe2
MUS:6029Major Clarinet2
MUS:6030Major Bassoon2
MUS:6031Major Saxophone2
MUS:6032Major Horn2
MUS:6033Major Trumpet2
MUS:6034Major Trombone2
MUS:6035Major Euphonium2
MUS:6036Major Tuba2
MUS:6037Major Percussion2
MUS:6038Major Jazz2

Applied Music: Secondary Instruction for Majors

Instruction consists of one half-hour lesson per week. Courses are offered on a fee-per-course basis, in addition to tuition, and may be repeated.

Course # Title Hours
MUS:1120Secondary Performance - Voice1
MUS:1121Secondary Performance - Piano1
MUS:1122Secondary Performance - Organ1
MUS:1123Secondary Performance - Violin1
MUS:1124Secondary Performance - Viola1
MUS:1125Secondary Performance - Cello1
MUS:1126Secondary Performance - String Bass1
MUS:1127Secondary Performance - Flute1
MUS:1128Secondary Performance - Oboe1
MUS:1129Secondary Performance - Clarinet1
MUS:1130Secondary Performance - Bassoon1
MUS:1131Secondary Performance - Saxophone1
MUS:1132Secondary Performance - Horn1
MUS:1133Secondary Performance - Trumpet1
MUS:1134Secondary Performance - Trombone1
MUS:1135Secondary Performance - Euphonium1
MUS:1136Secondary Performance - Tuba1
MUS:1137Secondary Performance - Percussion1
MUS:1138Secondary Performance - Jazz1
MUS:1139Secondary Performance - Composition1
MUS:6120Graduate Secondary Performance - Voice1
MUS:6121Graduate Secondary Performance - Piano1
MUS:6122Graduate Secondary Performance - Organ1
MUS:6123Graduate Secondary Performance - Violin1
MUS:6124Graduate Secondary Performance - Viola1
MUS:6125Graduate Secondary Performance - Cello1
MUS:6126Graduate Secondary Performance - String Bass1
MUS:6127Graduate Secondary Performance - Flute1
MUS:6128Graduate Secondary Performance - Oboe1
MUS:6129Graduate Secondary Performance - Clarinet1
MUS:6130Graduate Secondary Performance - Bassoon1
MUS:6131Graduate Secondary Performance - Saxophone1
MUS:6132Graduate Secondary Performance - Horn1
MUS:6133Graduate Secondary Performance - Trumpet1
MUS:6134Graduate Secondary Performance - Trombone1
MUS:6135Graduate Secondary Performance - Euphonium1
MUS:6136Graduate Secondary Performance - Tuba1
MUS:6137Graduate Secondary Performance - Percussion1
MUS:6138Graduate Secondary Performance - Jazz1
MUS:6139Graduate Secondary Performance - Composition1

Choral Literature

Course # Title Hours
MUS:6561Seminar: Choral Literature and Analysis I1-3
MUS:6562Seminar: Choral Literature and Analysis II1-3
MUS:6563Seminar: Choral Literature and Analysis III1-3
MUS:6564Seminar: Choral Literature and Analysis IV1-3


Course # Title Hours
MUS:2219Introduction to Composition3
MUS:3230Composition Seminar1
MUS:5220Advanced Composition1-2
MUS:5800Interactive Music3
MUS:5820Electronic Music Production3


Also see MUS:3635 Instrumental ConductingMUS:3640 Choral Methods, and MUS:3645 Choral Conducting and Literature under "Music Education."

Course # Title Hours
MUS:3625Techniques of Conducting2
MUS:6579Orchestral Conducting Lab2
MUS:6580Advanced Orchestral Conducting2
MUS:6581Advanced Choral Conducting I1-3
MUS:6582Advanced Choral Conducting II1-3
MUS:6583Advanced Choral Conducting III1-3
MUS:6584Advanced Choral Conducting IV1-3
MUS:6585Score Reading1
MUS:6586Advanced Orchestral Literature and Professional Development2
MUS:6590Seminar in Advanced Band Literature and Band History1-2


Enrollment requires the consent of the instructor. Courses may be repeated.

Course # Title Hours
MUS:1160University Band1
MUS:1165Hawkeye Marching Band1
MUS:1166Large Pep Band1
MUS:1176Voxman Chorale1
MUS:1180Campus Symphony Orchestra1
MUS:3150Percussion Ensemble1
MUS:3151Percussion Chamber Ensemble1
MUS:3160Symphony Band/Concert Band1
MUS:3163Iowa Steel Band1
MUS:3172Camerata Singers1
MUS:3174University Choir1
MUS:3190Center for New Music Ensemble1
MUS:3481Piano Chamber Music1-2
MUS:3482String Chamber Music1-2
MUS:3485Wind Chamber Music1-2
MUS:3489Chamber Music Residency Program1-2

Jazz Studies

Course # Title Hours
MUS:1009Jazz Cultures in America and Abroad3
MUS:1711Jazz Rhythms and Interpretation I1
MUS:1712Jazz Rhythms and Interpretation II1
MUS:1720History of Jazz3
MUS:3001Introduction to Jazz Improvisation3
MUS:3710Intermediate Jazz Improvisation2
MUS:3730Jazz Band1
MUS:3740Small Jazz Ensembles1
MUS:3760Jazz Band Techniques1
MUS:4730Jazz Theory3
MUS:4760Jazz Composition and Arranging2

Music Education

The College of Education offers additional music education courses; see Teaching and Learning in the catalog for listings and descriptions. Some courses are cross-referenced with both departments, one for the School of Music and the other for the College of Education. Students preparing for music teacher licensure should register under the education number.

Also see MUS:3760 Jazz Band Techniques under "Jazz Studies."

Course # Title Hours
MUS:3600Undergraduate Music Education Workshop1
MUS:3601Undergraduate Music Education Workshop II1
MUS:3605/EDTL:3605Instrumental Techniques2
MUS:3635/EDTL:3635Instrumental Conducting3
MUS:3640/EDTL:3640Choral Methods3
MUS:3645/EDTL:3645Choral Conducting and Literature3
MUS:3659Class Strings1
MUS:3664Introduction to Wind and Percussion Instruments2
MUS:3665Arranging for Band2-3
MUS:3666Marching Band Techniques1
MUS:5600/EDTL:5600Graduate Music Education Workshop1
MUS:5601/EDTL:5601Graduate Music Education Workshop II1

Music and Technology

Also see MUS:5800 Interactive Music and MUS:5820 Electronic Music Production under "Composition."

Course # Title Hours
MUS:3780Audio Recording I3
MUS:3781Audio Recording II3
MUS:3830Wind Instrument Maintenance and Repair1

Music Therapy

Course # Title Hours
MUS:1687Orientation to Music Therapy2
MUS:2671Music Foundations in Therapy I2
MUS:2672Music Foundations in Therapy II2
MUS:3675Music Therapy Practicum1-2
MUS:3676Percussion Experience for Teachers and Therapists1
MUS:3680Music in Special Education3
MUS:3690Music Therapy with Adults3
MUS:4630/EDTL:4630Psychology of Music2-3
MUS:4670Internship in Music Therapyarr.
MUS:4675Senior Project in Music Therapy1
MUS:4685Music Therapy with Children3
MUS:6670Graduate Music Therapy Practicum1-3
MUS:6675Research in Music Therapy - Graduate1
MUS:6680College Teaching and Clinic Supervision in Music Therapy1-2
MUS:6685Theory and Research in Music Therapy1
MUS:6690Special Studies in Music Therapy1-3


Course # Title Hours
MUS:2301History of Western Music I3
MUS:2302History of Western Music II3
MUS:4320Music and Gender3
MUS:4325Medieval and Renaissance Music3
MUS:4330Baroque Music3
MUS:4335Eighteenth-Century Music3
MUS:4340Nineteenth-Century Music3
MUS:4345Twentieth-Century Music3
MUS:4350Advanced Jazz History3
MUS:4355American Music3
MUS:4360Jazz Matters3
MUS:4390Musicology Colloquium1
MUS:5300Introduction to Graduate Study in Music2
MUS:6305Teaching Music History and Culture3
MUS:6310Topics in Musicology3
MUS:6312Historical Approaches to Music3
MUS:6314Topics in Ethnomusicology3
MUS:6315Foundations of Ethnomusicology3
MUS:6326Renaissance Music Notations3
MUS:6375Music Editing3
MUS:7380Readings in Music History1-3

Orchestra and Band Instruments

Course # Title Hours
MUS:3140Audition Repertoire1
MUS:3483Baroque Seminar for Strings1
MUS:5101Advanced Woodwind Pedagogy and Literature I2
MUS:5102Advanced Woodwind Pedagogy and Literature II3
MUS:5111Advanced Brass Pedagogy and Literature I2
MUS:5112Advanced Brass Pedagogy and Literature II2
MUS:5115Advanced Brass Ensemble Literature2
MUS:5121Advanced String Methods and Literature I2
MUS:5122Advanced String Methods and Literature II2
MUS:5130Advanced Percussion Pedagogy and Literature2

Organ and Sacred Music

Course # Title Hours
MUS:4450Organ Literature Survey2
MUS:4454Service Playing and Improvisation2
MUS:5450History of Organ Building and Design2-3
MUS:5452Organ Pedagogy2
MUS:5475Organ Literature Special Topics2


Course # Title Hours
MUS:1211Group Instruction in Piano I1
MUS:1212Group Instruction in Piano II1
MUS:2213Group Instruction in Piano III1
MUS:3400Methods of Teaching Piano2
MUS:3480Piano Accompaniment1
MUS:5400Piano Pedagogy I2
MUS:5401Piano Pedagogy II2
MUS:5410Piano Literature I2
MUS:5411Piano Literature II2
MUS:7401Special Studies in Piano Accompaniment and Chamber Music1-2

Recital and Thesis

Course # Title Hours
MUS:3990Undergraduate Special Studies0-4
MUS:4900Senior Recital1
MUS:4910Bachelor's Thesis0-1
MUS:4995Honors in Music1-4
MUS:5990Graduate Special Studies0-4
MUS:6900MA Recital1-2
MUS:6920MA Performance Project1-2
MUS:6950MA Thesis1-3
MUS:7140Seminar in Music Research2
MUS:7900DMA Recital1-2
MUS:7950PhD Thesis1-4
MUS:7960Composition PhD Thesis1-4
MUS:7970DMA Essay and Thesis1-4


Course # Title Hours
MUS:1200Fundamentals of Music for Majors3
MUS:1201Musicianship and Theory I4
MUS:1202Musicianship and Theory II4
MUS:2203Musicianship and Theory III4
MUS:2204Musicianship and Theory IV4
MUS:2206Form and Analysis3
MUS:4200Counterpoint Before 16003
MUS:4201Counterpoint After 16003
MUS:4210Keyboard Harmony1-2
MUS:4290Music Theory Colloquium1
MUS:5200Review of Undergraduate Theory3
MUS:5235Tonal Analysis3
MUS:5236Non-Tonal Analysis3
MUS:5237Analysis of Popular Music3
MUS:5240Special Topics in Theory and Analysis3
MUS:6210History of Ideas of Music3
MUS:6211Theoretical Approaches to Music3
MUS:6215Music Theory Pedagogy3
MUS:6250Advanced Tonal Theory and Analysis3
MUS:6251Advanced Non-Tonal Theory and Analysis3
MUS:6252Advanced Theory and Analysis of Popular Music3

Voice and Opera

Course # Title Hours
MUS:1510Diction for Singers I2
MUS:2510Diction for Singers II2
MUS:3410Fundamentals of Piano Technology1
MUS:3500Opera Workshop2
MUS:3501Opera Theater Chorus1
MUS:3502Opera Production2-4
MUS:3503Vocal/Operatic Coaching1
MUS:3511Discovering Opera1
MUS:3530/THTR:3530Musical Theatre Workshop2
MUS:5510Graduate Diction2
MUS:5555/CSD:5213Voice Habilitation2
MUS:6520/CSD:6202Vocal Pedagogy3
MUS:6530Topics in Vocal Performance2
MUS:6535Opera Theater Directing Seminar3
MUS:6540Survey of Operatic Literature3
MUS:6541Survey of Song Literature I3
MUS:6542Survey of Song Literature II3