The entrepreneurial certificate is an excellent addition to a student’s educational experience. It teaches students to apply innovative approaches to solve problems, create and communicate value, and impact the community. All businesses and nonprofits are seeking individuals with these skills, regardless of their size or type industry. Students may begin the certificate at any time during their college career.

Students who pursue the Certificate in Entrepreneurial Management develop a solid foundation in entrepreneurial management, professional leadership, and communication skills that prepare them for a variety of career opportunities or to start their own business. They are able to apply their innovative problem-solving and critical thinking skills to contemporary issues, to develop strategies to seize upon opportunities, and to build and lead successful teams.

Students learn from a select team of faculty members, business executives, and entrepreneurs who have distinguished themselves in the business world and have a unique ability to successfully teach theory and practice. Students will have the opportunity to meet successful alumni and entrepreneurial leaders to help them build their professional network. Several cocurricular programs also are available to help students develop additional marketable skills and strengthen their résumés for career success.

Students develop the following skills in the program: innovation and creativity, opportunity recognition, developing and executing business strategies, building and leading interdisciplinary teams, market assessments, financial forecasting and evaluation, professional communications, critical thinking, and problem solving.

The undergraduate Certificate in Entrepreneurial Management requires a minimum of 18 s.h. of credit. Students must maintain a g.p.a. of at least 2.00 in work for the certificate.

The certificate program is open to current University of Iowa undergraduate students and to individuals who have earned a bachelor's degree and are not enrolled in a UI graduate or professional degree program, except to students earning the B.B.A. in management (entrepreneurship management track) or the B.A. in enterprise leadership.

Undergraduate students must declare their intention to pursue the certificate. Business students should contact the Tippie College of Business Undergraduate Program office. Liberal arts and sciences students should contact the CLAS Undergraduate Programs office.

Students earning the certificate in conjunction with the Bachelor of Applied Studies (University College) or the Bachelor of Liberal Studies (University College) may complete the certificate's coursework by distance education.

Students may begin working toward the Certificate in Entrepreneurial Management during their sophomore year. They may count a maximum of 6 s.h. of transfer credit toward the certificate, with approval from the entrepreneurship program director. Credit earned in entrepreneurship courses (prefix ENTR) is counted as semester hours earned in business.

The Certificate in Entrepreneurial Management requires the following coursework. Many certificate courses have prerequisites and other requirements for registration; students must complete a course's prerequisites and must meet its registration requirements before they may register for the course.

Entrepreneurship Core

To begin work on the certificate, students should first enroll in ENTR:2000 or its equivalent; for non-business and non-engineering students, ENTR:1350 Foundations in Entrepreneurship must be taken prior to, or concurrently with ENTR:2000.

This course:
ENTR:2000Entrepreneurship and Innovation3
All of these:
ENTR:3100Entrepreneurial Finance3
ENTR:3200Entrepreneurial Marketing3
ENTR:4400Managing the Growth Business3


Students earn an additional 6 s.h. in elective courses chosen from the following list. They have the option to choose electives in specialty areas based on their career interests. Students who wish to use a course not on the list must consult with the John Pappajohn Entrepreneurial Center’s undergraduate studies director.

ENTR:1800Innovation in Action: Sustainability0-1
ENTR:2800Entrepreneurial Experience1-3
ENTR:3000Practicum in Entrepreneurship1-3
ENTR:3400Strategic Management of Technology and Innovation3
ENTR:3500Social Entrepreneurship3
ENTR:3550Commercializing New Technology I3
ENTR:3575Commercializing New Technology II3
ENTR:3595Nonprofit Organizational Effectiveness I3
ENTR:3600E-Commerce Strategies for Entrepreneurs3
ENTR:3700Sustainable Product Innovation and Management3
ENTR:3800Entrepreneurial Leadership Academy I3
ENTR:3850Entrepreneurial Leadership Academy II3
ENTR:4000Topics in Entrepreneurship1-3
ENTR:4050Directed Readings in Entrepreneurshiparr.
ENTR:4100International Entrepreneurship, Culture, and Social Impact1-3
ENTR:4200Entrepreneurship: Business Consulting3
ENTR:4300Entrepreneurship: Advanced Business Planning3
ENTR:4460Entrepreneurship and Global Trade3
ENTR:4510Arts Leadership Seminar3
ENTR:4900Academic Internship3
ENTR:4999Honors Thesis in Entrepreneurial Studiesarr.
MGMT:4100Dynamics of Negotiations3