The College of Engineering partners with the John Pappajohn Entrepreneurial Center in the Tippie College of Business to offer the Certificate in Technological Entrepreneurship.

The program is intended for students who would like to develop an understanding of how to manage innovation in business environments as well as those who plan to start and operate their own businesses.

Students who complete the certificate program are able to:

  • gain exposure to understanding sound business thinking;
  • employ a more innovative and creative mindset in problem solving;
  • learn how to create a business plan as skillfully as solving difficult engineering equations;
  • understand the entrepreneurial approach to acquiring and managing resources;
  • acquire team-building skills critical in both small and large companies;
  • get insights in how to bridge engineering and business problems; and
  • obtain valuable contacts and network opportunities with successful, thriving businesses and industries.

The Certificate in Technological Entrepreneurship is administered by the College of Engineering.

Undergraduate Program of Study