This is the first version of the 2021-22 General Catalog. The final edition and the historical PDF will be published during the fall semester.

The minor in African American studies requires a minimum of 15 s.h., including 12 s.h. taken at the University of Iowa. At least two of the African American studies core courses must be taken at the University of Iowa. Students must maintain a cumulative g.p.a. of at least 2.00 in all courses for the minor and in all UI courses for the minor. Coursework in the minor may not be taken pass/nonpass. Coursework completed for another major or minor may not be counted toward the minor in African American studies.

The minor must include the following coursework.

Introductory Courses6
African American Studies Core9
History, Religion, and the Diaspora Course
Literature and Performing Arts Course
Media, Politics, and Social Institutions Course
Total Hours15

Introductory Courses

Students are required to complete the following introductory courses.

Both of these:
AFAM:1020/AMST:1030Introduction to African American Culture3
AFAM:1030Introduction to African American Society3

African American Studies Core

Students must complete one course from each of the three topical areas below (9 s.h.), with at least two courses taken at the University of Iowa. 

History, Religion, and the Diaspora

One of these:
AFAM:1041/RELS:1041African American Religion and Popular Culture3
AFAM:1250/RELS:1350Introduction to African American Religions3
AFAM:1275/HIST:1275Black Chicago: The Past, Present, and Future of an American Community3
AFAM:2266/HIST:2266Civil War and Emancipation3
AFAM:2267/HIST:2267African American History to 1877: From Slave Cabin to Senate Floor3
AFAM:2268/HIST:2268African American History Since the Civil War3
AFAM:3245/RELS:3745Twentieth-Century African American Religion: Civil Rights to Hip Hop3
AFAM:3260/HIST:3260Violence in Black America3
AFAM:3275/HIST:3275History of Slavery in the U.S.A.3-4
AFAM:3555/ENGL:3555Topics in African Cinema3
AFAM:3758/HIST:3758The Ancient African Past3
AFAM:3760/HIST:3760The Making of Modern Africa3
AFAM:3900Topics in African American Studies (when topic is history, religion, or the diaspora)arr.
AFAM:7205/GWSS:7205/HIST:7205Gender and Race in Nineteenth-Century United Statesarr.
EPLS:5126Twentieth-Century Educational Movements2-3

Literature and Performing Arts

One of these:
AFAM:1130The History of African American Film3
AFAM:1140/ARTS:1140Introduction to African American Art3
AFAM:1240/MUS:1740The Art of Listening to Jazz3
AFAM:1241/MUS:1741The Soundtrack of Black America3
AFAM:2463/ENGL:2463Topics in African American Literature3
AFAM:2465/ENGL:2465Selected African American Authors3
AFAM:2700/AMST:2700The Black Image in Sequential Art: Comics, Graphic Novels, and Anime3
AFAM:3459/ENGL:3459African American Literature Before 19003
AFAM:3460/ENGL:3460African American Literature After 19003
AFAM:3461/ENGL:3461Twenty-First Century African American Literature3
AFAM:3462/ENGL:3462/THTR:3462African American Drama3
AFAM:3465/ENGL:3465African American Autobiography3
AFAM:3900Topics in African American Studies (when topic is literature or performing arts)arr.

Media, Politics, and Social Institutions

One of these:
AFAM:2064/SOC:2064African American Families: Urban and Suburban3
AFAM:2070/COMM:2069Black Television Culture3
AFAM:2072/COMM:2072African American Popular Culture3
AFAM:2076/COMM:2076Race, Ethnicity, and Media3
AFAM:2079/SPST:2079Race and Ethnicity in Sport3
AFAM:2130/AMST:2130African American Film Seminar3
AFAM:2500Black Culture and Experience: Contemporary Issues3
AFAM:2770/GHS:2770/SOC:2770Race, Space, and the Environment3
AFAM:3053/AMST:3053/HIST:3253The Civil Rights Movement3
AFAM:3100/AMST:3100/SOC:3100Critical Race Theory: Culture, Power, and Society3
AFAM:3110/SOC:3110Race, Organizations, and Workplace3
AFAM:3500/HIST:3160/RELS:3808Malcolm X, King, and Human Rights3
AFAM:3600/AMST:3600Digitizing Blackness3
AFAM:3630/SOC:3630The Racial Wealth Gap: Black Debt, White Debt3
AFAM:3900Topics in African American Studies (when topic is media, politics, or social institutions)arr.
AFAM:3925/JMC:3165African Americans and the Media3
AFAM:4770/GEOG:4770/GHS:4770Environmental Justice3