Talent Development, Graduate Certificate

This is the first version of the 2024–25 General Catalog. Please check back regularly for changes. The final edition and the historical PDF will be published during the fall semester.

The graduate Certificate in Talent Development requires 14 s.h. of credit and is offered fully online, or with hybrid and conventional courses. Students must take required and elective courses on an A—F graded basis and must earn a B-minus or higher in each course. The capstone exploration is graded as satisfactory/unsatisfactory.

The certificate program is open to students enrolled in University of Iowa graduate degree programs and to individuals who are enrolled in the Graduate College as nondegree students.

Inquiries regarding approval for transfer credit of previously taken University of Iowa courses should be directed to the certificate supervisors at the Belin-Blank Center.

The Certificate in Talent Development requires the following coursework.

Requirements Hours
Required Coursework 6
Elective Coursework 6
Capstone Exploration 2

Required Coursework

Course # Title Hours
Both of these:
EDTL:4067Conceptions of Talent Development (online)3
PSQF:4120Psychology of Giftedness (online)3

Elective Coursework

Course # Title Hours
At least two of these:
CW:3870Advanced Fiction Writing (online)3
CW:3875Advanced Poetry Writing (online)3
EDTL:4066Curriculum Concepts in Gifted Education (online)3
EDTL:6167Inquiry-Based Curriculum Development in Early Childhood and Elementary Classrooms (online)3
ENTR:9650STEM Innovator V: STEM Innovator Tools to Create an Innovation Model for the Classroom (online)3
ENTR:9660STEM Innovator VI: Creating a STEM Innovation Pathway Across K-14 Learning Experiences (online)3
EPLS:6217Theory and Practice of Leadership (online)3
INTD:3005Professional and Creative Business Communication (online)3
LS:3012Leadership Theory to Practice (online)3
MGMT:3300Strategic Human Resource Management (online)3
MUS:4630Psychology of Music (online)3
PSQF:4121Identification of Students for Gifted Programs (online)3
PSQF:4123Academic Acceleration: Providing Excellence and Equity in Education for High Ability Students (online)3
PSQF:6281Cognitive Theories of Learning3
Students may take other courses numbered 3000-3999 that focus on talent development concepts, in consultation with their certificate advisor

Capstone Exploration

The Certificate in Talent Development culminates with the opportunity for students to develop and complete a capstone exploration project relevant to a school or other context that focuses on an important topic or issue in talent development. Students must earn a B-minus or higher in the required and elective courses to enroll in the capstone exploration, EDTL:5065 Talent Development Capstone Exploration.

The capstone exploration entails critical readings and a guided research project and presentation related to the concept of talent development. Projects require approval (and are supervised) by a Belin-Blank Center professional development team member. Readings will be discussed and determined in collaboration with the mentor. The capstone exploration project is shared in a public presentation immediately following completion of the research/independent study related to the capstone exploration. Students present their capstone exploration to a public forum (e.g., staff meeting, school board meeting, special evening event, public library); if the presentation cannot be at a public forum, an alternate forum will be agreed upon between the student and the Belin-Blank Center mentor. Students submit the final written report (with references and appendices) no later than 20 days after the public presentation.

For more information, visit Certificate in Talent Development on the College of Education website.