Political Science

This is the first version of the 2024–25 General Catalog. Please check back regularly for changes. The final edition and the historical PDF will be published during the fall semester.

Undergraduate major: political science (BA, BS)

Undergraduate minor: political science

Graduate degrees: MA in political science; PhD in political science

Faculty: https://politicalscience.uiowa.edu/people-0/faculty

Website: https://politicalscience.uiowa.edu

The Department of Political Science offers undergraduate majors and minors as well as graduate degree programs. In addition to the programs of study in political science, it offers the BA, BS, and minor in international relations, and the undergraduate Certificate in Political Risk Analysis. It collaborates with other departments to offer the Certificate in Social Science Analytics. The department also offers several courses that undergraduate students in all majors may use to fulfill GE CLAS Core requirements and a First-Year Seminar designed for entering undergraduate students.

Related Certificates

Political Risk Analysis

The Certificate in Political Risk Analysis prepares students to work in this highly interdisciplinary area, which requires a keen understanding of business practices and the political situation facing countries. Political risk analysis focuses on the effect that country characteristics and events have on sovereign risk (ability of a country to repay its debts), company security, supply chains, and the safety of individuals working or traveling in a country. Understanding this risk is part of helping companies better manage their investments, assets, and activities in foreign countries based on threats that a company might face. The Department of Political Science collaborates with the College of Business to offer the undergraduate program in political risk analysis; see Political Risk Analysis in the catalog. The Department of Political Science administers the certificate.

Students listening in class to the speaker.

Social Science Analytics

The growth of big data and informatics calls for a new set of skills for social science students and an increased understanding of the logic of data collection and analysis. The certificate focuses on the application side of data analysis. It allows students to focus on the specific research methods and data-driven quantitative skills that are most effective for understanding an increasingly complicated social-political world. The certificate offers an opportunity for interdisciplinary training on how data can be used to address important questions in the social sciences. The Department of Political Science collaborates with the departments of Geographical and Sustainability Sciences, Sociology and Criminology, and Statistics and Actuarial Science to offer the undergraduate program in social science analytics; see Social Science Analytics in the catalog. The Department of Political Science administers the certificate.