German, BA

Learning Outcomes

The BA in German is directed toward graduates’ ability to converse effectively in German; write coherent short texts; interpret literary, cultural, and linguistic phenomena; and exhibit an understanding of alternative cultural perspectives.

  • Interpersonal speaking: the capacity to engage effectively in conversations in German on a range of topics, recount events and personal experiences, and produce explanations and descriptions; correlates with "intermediate high" on the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL) scale.
  • Writing: the capacity to produce a cohesive piece of writing in German, such as an essay, a paper, or a narrative.
  • Interpretation and analysis: the capacity to critically interpret and analyze literary texts and other cultural artifacts written in German using appropriate sources to support their arguments.
  • Cultural understanding: the capacity to demonstrate understanding of alternative cultural perspectives acquired through coursework, study abroad, and other cross-cultural experiences.