Aging and Longevity Studies

Undergraduate minor: aging and longevity studies

Undergraduate certificate: aging and longevity studies

Graduate certificate: aging and longevity studies



Aging and Longevity Studies offers undergraduate and graduate programs and a selection of courses open to students in all majors.

Undergraduate students in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences who would like to focus on aging and longevity studies as their major or as a second major should consider the individualized plan of study track offered by the Interdepartmental Studies Program; see Interdepartmental Studies in the catalog. Entry into the program requires approval of a plan of study.

Undergraduate students working on a Bachelor of Arts degree in the School of Social Work have the option to use some aging-related coursework as an area of focus in their major. Graduate students earning a Master of Social Work degree can declare gerontology/aging as an area of focus by completing coursework in aging. For more information, contact the School of Social Work.

Three students discussing class topics.

Aging and Longevity Studies is administered by the School of Social Work.