Undergraduate certificate: critical cultural competence
Website: https://socialwork.uiowa.edu/undergraduate/certificate-critical-cultural-competence

The certificate program helps students develop an appreciation for their own cultural identities. It also helps them become critically self-reflective in their orientation to differences in other people's cultural identities as defined by matters such as race, ethnicity, gender, class, abilities, age, and sexual orientation.

Certificate students build the knowledge, skills, and attitudes they will need in order to increase their effectiveness in relating to others across cultural differences and in domestic and international environments that are increasingly diverse.

Three students posing for the camera wearing t-shirts that say making social justice work.

Students who complete the certificate program develop:

  • a greater appreciation of cultural differences;
  • increased ability to interact with individuals of diverse backgrounds;
  • a philosophy of treating people fairly, equitably, and thoughtfully;
  • critical self-reflection and awareness of their own culture;
  • ability to assess and understand culture-related privilege and disprivilege; and
  • concern with issues of power and privilege, and social justice.

The Certificate in Critical Cultural Competence is administered by the School of Social Work.

Undergraduate Program of Study


Critical Cultural Competence Courses

CCCC:2220 Foundations of Critical Cultural Competence 3 s.h.

Experiential and theoretical foundation; cultural competence as a concept and practice; conceptual frameworks and models for understanding cultural differences and similarities within, among, and between groups of people with whom others interact in their professional, personal, public, and private lives; appreciating differences while learning to be self-reflective; adjustment of perceptions, behaviors, styles for effective interaction with people from different ethnic, racial, sexual, gender, age, ability, and class groups. GE: Diversity and Inclusion.

CCCC:4490 Integrative Seminar in Critical Cultural Competence 3 s.h.

Capstone course; application of knowledge to one's areas of study; community settings where cultural competence is required; challenges and benefits of behaving in culturally competent ways in varied contexts; review and critique of educational experiences in the certificate program; development of skills in community education related to cultural competence; group project to benefit the University and/or community; development of a plan to integrate critical cultural competence into careers. Requirements: completion of other required certificate courses.