Special Collections Librarianship, Graduate Certificate

This is the first version of the 2024–25 General Catalog. Please check back regularly for changes. The final edition and the historical PDF will be published during the fall semester.

The graduate certificate in special collections librarianship requires 15 s.h. of coursework.

The certificate develops students' skills in a variety of areas suitable to work in special collections, archives, and cultural heritage settings. Students take an introductory course and select four additional courses, one from each of the areas of study: material culture research and analysis; care and use of collections; arrangement, description, and cataloging; and digital curation and stewardship. Students may choose to complete an approved practicum in special collections.

The Certificate in Special Collections Librarianship requires the following coursework.

Required Course

Course # Title Hours
This course:
SLIS:5630Introduction to Special Collections and Archives3

Areas of Study

Students take four courses for a total of 12 s.h., one from each of the following listed areas.

Material Culture Research and Analysis

Courses in this area offer students knowledge of primary source literacies and research skills that can be applied to the care, use, and interpretation of unique and distinct collections and supporting the researchers who work with them.

Course # Title Hours
One of these:
SLIS:4920The Book in Early Modern Europe3
SLIS:5600Reading Culture: History and Research in Print and Digital Media3
SLIS:6411Special Topics in Library and Information Science3

Care and Use of Collections

Courses in this area explore the role of the special collections practitioner in the balance between providing access and promoting the use of collections and the preservation practices that ensure the long-term safety and stewardship of unique and distinct collections.

Course # Title Hours
One of these:
SLIS:5530Preservation Management3
SLIS:6145Digital Preservation and Stewardship3
SLIS:6335Metadata Theories and Applications3

Arrangement, Description, and Cataloging

Courses in this area explore contemporary descriptive practices for special collections and archives with a focus on user discovery.

Course # Title Hours
One of these:
SLIS:6255Rare Books Cataloging (summer session only)3
SLIS:6350Archives: Theory and Practice3

Digital Curation and Stewardship

Courses in this area investigate the selection, acquisition, development, preservation, and delivery of digitized and born-digital collections.

Course # Title Hours
One of these:
SLIS:5530Preservation Management3
SLIS:6140Digital Environments and Library Users3