K–12 Equity and Inclusion, Graduate Certificate

The graduate Certificate in K–12 Equity and Inclusion requires 12 s.h. of credit and is offered with hybrid and conventional courses. Students must maintain a grade-point average of at least 2.50 in work for the certificate. They must earn at least a grade of C in each course required for the certificate. All courses must be taken on a graded basis.

The certificate program is open to students enrolled in University of Iowa graduate degree programs and to individuals who are enrolled in the Graduate College as nondegree students.

This certificate program encourages the development of the knowledge and skills necessary to meet standard 3 (equity and cultural responsiveness) of the Professional Standards for Educational Leaders, adopted by the School Administrators of Iowa. Course offerings contribute to the development of competencies in the areas of research, policy, practice and student advocacy. These competencies are essential for effectively dismantling educational disparities for K–12 students from historically marginalized backgrounds (including race, gender identity, sexual orientation, socioeconomic class, immigration status, language spoken at home, and disability status).

The Certificate in K–12 Equity and Inclusion requires 12 s.h. of coursework from two categories: practice and policy. Participating students must choose at least one course from each category. The remainder of the courses may be from either category.

The certificate program recommends that students focus course-specific content on a problem of practice related to equity, inclusion, anti-racism, and/or anti-oppression. Students work with the certificate advisor to devise a specific program of study and develop appropriate course-related projects.

The Certificate in K–12 Equity and Inclusion requires the following coursework.


Course # Title Hours
At least one of these:
EPLS:5240Topics in Education (when topic is critical conversations)3
EPLS:6242Research for Effective School Leaders3
EPLS:6266Program Evaluation3
EPLS:6321Social Advocacy Summit1
EPLS:6329Legislative Summit1
EPLS:7432Multicultural Initiatives3


Course # Title Hours
At least one of these:
EPLS:5123History of Ethnic/Minority Education3
EPLS:5126Twentieth-Century Educational Movements3
EPLS:6222Introduction to Educational Policy3
EPLS:6238Gender and Education in Historical Perspective3
EPLS:6239LGBTQ History in Education3
EPLS:6270Policy and Politics3
EDTL:7040Advanced Topics in Teaching and Learning (when topic is disability studies perspectives in education)3

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