The undergraduate Certificate in International Business requires a minimum of 29 s.h. and satisfaction of the certificate's world language or study abroad requirement (total credit depends on a student's choice of world language or study abroad experience). In addition to a world language or study abroad, the program includes study of international business and economics, international relations and institutions, and the contemporary art, literature, culture, and/or politics of one of several geographical regions (Asia, Europe, Latin America, Middle East/Africa, or Russia/Eastern Europe). The range of courses permits students to tailor areas of specialization suited to their individual interests and to complement majors in business and in liberal arts and sciences.

The certificate program is open to current University of Iowa undergraduate students and to all individuals who are not enrolled in a UI graduate or professional degree program. Students must maintain a g.p.a. of at least 2.00 in work for the certificate.

Students should declare their intention to earn the certificate as early as possible, talk with an advisor about certificate requirements, and submit an individual plan of study. Tippie College of Business students should talk with the advising staff at the college's Undergraduate Program Office; College of Liberal Arts and Sciences students should talk with a Certificate in International Business advisor at the Academic Advising Center. Individuals who hold a bachelor's degree from another institution should contact the University's Office of Admissions.

A minimum of 20 s.h. of certificate course work (other than language courses) must be completed at the University of Iowa or in approved study abroad programs. Students who plan to count study abroad credit toward the certificate should consult a Certificate in International Business advisor before leaving campus.

Certificate courses may not be taken pass/nonpass. A course may not be used to satisfy more than one certificate requirement.

The Certificate in International Business requires the following course work.

International Business Courses17
International Relations and Institutions Courses6
One of these:0-20
World Language (0-20 s.h., depending on student's background)
Study Abroad Experience (3 s.h.)
Area Studies Courses6
Total Hours29-49

International Business

These courses provide students with an essential understanding of economics, which is central to all business operation. They also help students develop knowledge of the functional areas of international business.

Both of these:
ECON:1100Principles of Microeconomics4
ECON:1200Principles of Macroeconomics4
Three of these (total of 9 s.h.):
BUS:2450Business and Culture in China3
ECON:3345Global Economics and Business3
ECON:3620Economic Growth and Development3
ECON:4110International Economics3
ENTR:4460Entrepreneurship and Global Trade3
FIN:4240International Finance3
MGMT:3450International Business Environment3
MGMT:4500Strategy, Innovation and Global Competition3
MKTG:4300International Marketing3
LAW:8600International Business Transactions3
LAW:8631International Trade Law: Basic Norms and Regulations3
One of these may be counted toward the 9 s.h. requirement above:
CHIN:3103Business Chinese I3
FREN:3410Business French3
GRMN:3214Business German3
JPNS:3500Japanese for Professional Purposes I3
SPAN:3040Business Spanish3
SPAN:3080Spanish for International Business3
Tippie study abroad programs may be applicable, including London Winter, May China, global internships, and more. Credit only applies in one area of the certificate. Students should consult their advisor to determine where their experience will apply.

International Relations and Institutions

These courses familiarize students with comparative politics, social geography, foreign policy, and issues related to world population and the environment—topics relevant to decision making in the international business world.

Two of these (6 s.h.):
ANTH:1040/LING:1040Language Rights3
ANTH:1046/GEOG:1046/GWSS:1046Big Ideas: People and the Environment - Technology, Culture, and Social Justice3
ANTH:2100Anthropology and Contemporary World Problems3
ANTH:2103/GHS:2000Introduction to Global Health Studies3
ANTH:2136Urban Anthropology3
ANTH:2151/GWSS:2151/IS:2151Global Migration in the Contemporary World3
ANTH:3103Environment and Culture3
ANTH:3131Anthropology and Human Rights3
ANTH:4130/RELS:4730Religion and Environmental Ethics3
COMM:2042/IS:2042/SSW:2042Intercultural Communication3
COMM:4131/IS:4131Globalization and Culture3
CRIM:3415Global Criminology3
GEOG:1090Globalization and Geographic Diversity3
GEOG:2110/GHS:2110Seven Billion and Counting: Introduction to Population Dynamics3
GEOG:2130World Cities3
GEOG:2410Environment and Development3
GEOG:2910The Global Economy3
GEOG:3070/GHS:3070Hungry Planet: Global Geographies of Food3
GEOG:3331Human Dimensions of Climate3
GEOG:4770/GHS:4770Environmental Justice3
GHS:4001Social Entrepreneurship and Global Health3
GHS:4180Climate Change and Health3
GHS:4600Global Health and Human Rights2-3
HIST:1101The Modern World3
HIST:3126History of Globalization3
HIST:3143International Politics: The History of the Present3-4
HIST:3145Europe and the United States in the Twentieth Century3
HIST:3155The World Since 19453
HIST:3157/GWSS:3157Gender, Sexuality, and Human Rights3
HIST:3242The United States in World Affairs3-4
HIST:4101History of Human Rights3
HIST:4125War and Peace in the Twentieth Century3
HIST:4162/GHS:4162History of Global Health3
HRTS:2115/IS:2115Introduction to Human Rights3
HRTS:3905/IS:3905Topics in Human Rights1-3
HRTS:3906Global Crises and Human Rights3
HRTS:3910/IS:3910Human Rights Advocacy3
HRTS:3915Human Rights and the Arts3
IS:2000Introduction to International Studies3
IS:2020World Events Today!3
IS:2111Developed and Developing Places3
IS:2112The European Union3
IS:3199Global Environmental Politics3
IS:3200Sustainable Development3
IS:3565Global Perspectives on Negotiation, Persuasion, and Communication3
JMC:3116/IS:3116Media and Global Cultures3
PHIL:2429War, Terrorism, and Torture3
PHIL:3430Philosophy of Human Rights3
POLI:1400Introduction to Comparative Politics3
POLI:1401Introduction to the Politics of Russia and Eurasia3
POLI:1403Introduction to Politics in the Muslim World3
POLI:1500Introduction to International Relations3
POLI:1501Introduction to American Foreign Policy3
POLI:1800Introduction to the Politics of Class and Inequality3
POLI:2416Revolutions and Political Violence3
POLI:2417Comparative Environmental Policy3
POLI:3400Political Economy3
POLI:3405Authoritarian Politics3
POLI:3411Democracy: Global Trends and Struggles3
POLI:3424Global Development3
POLI:3450Problems in Comparative Politics3
POLI:3500American Foreign Policies3
POLI:3501International Organization and World Order3
POLI:3503Politics of Terrorism3
POLI:3505Civil Wars3
POLI:3506Consequences of War3
POLI:3509International Courts: The Intersection of Law and Politics3
POLI:3512International Conflict3
POLI:3514Regional Peace and Security3
POLI:3515Global Communication and Politics3
POLI:3516The Politics of International Economics3
POLI:3517Global Justice3
POLI:3518Water Wars: Conflict and Cooperation3
POLI:3521Twenty-first-Century Technology and Warfare3
POLI:3522Ending Wars and Keeping Peace3
POLI:3550Problems of International Politics3
PSY:3595Psychology of Negotiation3
RELS:1015Religions in a Global Context: The Critical Role of Religion in International Affairs3
RELS:2333Economics and Religion: Theories and Practices3
SOC:2022Energy and Society3
SPAN:3550Doing Business in Latin America3

World Language or Study Abroad Experience

Certificate students gain insight into the culture of another world region and deepen their understanding of their own language and culture by learning a world language or completing a study abroad experience.

Students who choose language study are required to develop intermediate-level competence in a language that is spoken in one of several geographic regions (Asia, Europe, Latin America, Middle East/Africa, or Russia/Eastern Europe) by completing one of the approved language sequences below.

Students who choose to complete a study abroad experience are expected to coordinate it with the course work they use to fulfill the certificate's area studies requirement (see "Area Studies" below). They must earn at least 3 s.h. of graded credit for the study abroad experience that is not used in another area of the certificate.

For questions about languages not listed or about study abroad course work, see a Certificate in International Business advisor.


All of these:
ARAB:1001-ARAB:1002Elementary Modern Standard Arabic I-II10
ARAB:2001-ARAB:2002Intermediate Modern Standard Arabic I-II10


This sequence:
CHIN:1111-CHIN:1112First-Year Chinese: First Semester - First-Year Chinese: Second Semester10
One of these sequences:
CHIN:2101-CHIN:2102Second-Year Chinese: First Semester - Second-Year Chinese: Second Semester (both courses)10
CHIN:2103-CHIN:2104Accelerated Second-Year Chinese: First Semester - Accelerated Second-Year Chinese: Second Semester (both courses)6


One of these:
FREN:1001-FREN:1002Elementary French I-II (both courses)10
FREN:1010First-Year French Review5
All of these:
FREN:2001-FREN:2002Intermediate French I-II (both courses)10
One course for which FREN:2002 is prerequisite (may include Iowa Regents Program credit)


One of these:
GRMN:1001-GRMN:1002Elementary German I-II (both courses)8
GRMN:1010First-Year German Review5
GRMN:1020Intensive Elementary German6
One of these:
GRMN:2001-GRMN:2002Intermediate German I-II (both courses)8
GRMN:2020Intensive Intermediate German6
One course for which GRMN:2002 or GRMN:2020 is prerequisite


One of these:
ITAL:1101-ITAL:1102Elementary Italian I-II (both courses)10
ITAL:3002Intensive Elementary Italian6
All of these:
ITAL:2203-ITAL:2204Intermediate Italian I-II (both courses)8
One course for which ITAL:2204 is prerequisite


All of these:
JPNS:1001-JPNS:1002First-Year Japanese: First Semester - First-Year Japanese: Second Semester10
JPNS:2001-JPNS:2002Second-Year Japanese: First Semester - Second-Year Japanese: Second Semester10


All of these:
KORE:1101-KORE:1102First-Year Korean: First Semester - First-Year Korean: Second Semester8
KORE:2101-KORE:2102Second-Year Korean: First Semester - Second-Year Korean: Second Semester8


One of these:
PORT:2000Accelerated Elementary Portuguese5
PORT:2010 & PORT:2015Elementary Portuguese I-II (both courses)6
PORT:3050Intensive Portuguese for Spanish Speakers4
And this course, unless PORT:3050 is taken:
PORT:2500Accelerated Intermediate Portuguese5
One course for which PORT:2500 or PORT:3050 is prerequisite


All of these:
RUSS:1111-RUSS:1112First-Year Russian I-II10
RUSS:2111-RUSS:2112Second-Year Russian I-II8
One course for which RUSS:2112 is prerequisite


One of these:
SPAN:1001-SPAN:1002Elementary Spanish I-II (both courses)10
SPAN:1003Elementary Spanish Review5
One of these:
SPAN:1501-SPAN:1502Intermediate Spanish I-II (both courses)10
SPAN:1503Accelerated Intermediate Spanish6
One course for which SPAN:1502 or SPAN:1503 is prerequisite


All of these:
SWAH:1001-SWAH:1002Elementary Swahili I-II8
SWAH:2001-SWAH:2002Intermediate Swahili I-II8

Area Studies

Area studies topics are critical to students' understanding of how society and culture influence the people with whom they share the world—and with whom they may conduct business. The following courses help students learn about the culture, contemporary history, art, literature, and politics of a specific geographic region.

Students complete 6 s.h. from one geographic region. They should select a region that is related to their chosen world language or study abroad experience.


Appropriate for these languages: Chinese, Japanese, or Korean.

ANTH:2108/GWSS:2108Gendering India3
ANTH:2175/JPNS:2175Japanese Society and Culture3
ANTH:3121/GWSS:3121Love, Marriage, and Family in India3
ANTH:3170Peoples and Cultures of Southeast Asia3
ANTH:3171Voices of Islam in Southeast Asia3
ARTH:1070/CHIN:1070Asian Art and Culture3
ARTH:2220/ASIA:2231Introduction to the Art of China3
ARTH:2250/JPNS:2250Introduction to the Art of Japan3
ARTH:3220/ASIA:3219Chinese Art and Culture3
ARTH:3230/ASIA:3220Chinese Painting I: Pagodas and Palaces3
ARTH:3260/JPNS:3260Japanese Painting3
ARTH:3270/ASIA:3270Themes in Asian Art History3
ARTH:3280The Materialization of Sexuality in China and Beyond3
ASIA:1704The Languages of Asia in Cultural and Historical Perspective3
ASIA:2444Envision India3
ASIA:2450India Beat: The Aesthetics and Politics of India Today3
ASIA:2500Cold War Cultures in Korea3
ASIA:4508Asian Studiesarr.
CHIN:1504Asian Humanities: China3
CHIN:1702Chinese Popular Culture3
CHIN:3202Chinese Literature: Prose3
CHIN:3341/CL:3341Chinese Literature: Poetry3
CHIN:4203/CL:4203Modern Chinese Writers3
CHIN:4206Transnational Chinese Cinemas3
CINE:4606/ASIA:4606Topics in Asian Cinema3
ENGL:3540Literature of the Indian Subcontinent3
GEOG:1060Geography of Asia: From Japan to Pakistan3
GHS:3192Environment and Health in Modern India3
GWSS:1070Asian American Women Writers3
HIST:1602/ASIA:1602Civilizations of Asia: China3
HIST:1604/ASIA:1604Civilizations of Asia: Japan3-4
HIST:1606/ASIA:1606Civilizations of Asia: South Asia3-4
HIST:1607Civilizations of Asia: Korea3-4
HIST:1609India Now! A Survey from Bollywood Films to Global Terror3-4
HIST:2687/ASIA:2887Perspectives on Korea3
HIST:3644/RELS:3644/SOAS:3644Gandhi and His Legacy3
HIST:3652/ASIA:3652Twentieth-Century China3
HIST:3685Modern Korean History3
HIST:4176Vietnam War on Film3-4
HIST:4605/GHS:4605Disease, Politics, and Health in South Asia3
HIST:4610/JPNS:4610Japan - Age of the Samurai3
HIST:4615/JPNS:4615Modern Japan3
HIST:4616Japanese History and Society: World War II to the Twenty-First Century3
HIST:4617History, Memory, and Pacific War3
HIST:4620/JPNS:4620Japan-U.S. Relations3
HIST:4640Imperialism and Modern India3
HIST:4653/IS:4653Law and Society in Late Imperial and Modern China3
JPNS:1506Asian Humanities: Japan3
JPNS:3128Introduction to Japanese Linguistics3
JPNS:3201/TRNS:3201Workshop in Japanese Literary Translation3
JPNS:3202/CL:3204Traditional Japanese Literature in Translation3
JPNS:3203/CL:3203Modern Japanese Fiction in Translation3
JPNS:3205Major Authors in Modern Japanese Literature3
JPNS:3206/CL:3206Warriors' Dreams3
JPNS:3207Japan Illuminated: Japanese Literature and Visual Culture3
JPNS:3208Japanese Film3
JPNS:3401Language in Japanese Society3
JPNS:3402Japan: Culture and Communication3
JPNS:3601Contemporary Japanese Culture3
KORE:1135Korean Language in Culture and Society3
KORE:1500Asian Humanities: Korea3
PHIL:2343Philosophy East and West3
PHIL:3845/RELS:3645Buddhist Philosophy3
POLI:1445Introduction to Asian Politics: China3
POLI:3408Chinese Politics and Society3
POLI:3420Southeast Asia: Politics and Developmentarr.
RELS:1404/ASIA:1040/HIST:1610Living Religions of the East3
RELS:1410Introduction to Indian Religions3
RELS:1506/ASIA:1060/HIST:1612Introduction to Buddhism3
RELS:1510/ASIA:1110Gods, Buddhas, and Ghostly Officials: The Past and Present of Chinese Religions3
RELS:1610/JPNS:1115Japanese Religions3
RELS:3055/ASIA:3055Death, Dying, and Beyond in Asian Religions3
RELS:3431/GWSS:3131Gender and Sexuality in Asia3
RELS:3448/SOAS:3448The Allure of Krishna: Sacred Sexuality in Indian Culture3
RELS:3655/ASIA:3655/HIST:3655Zen Buddhism3
RELS:3660/JPNS:3660Japanese Religion and Thought3
RELS:3666The History of a Religious and Spiritual Practice: Yoga in Asia and Beyond3
SOAS:1502/RELS:1502Asian Humanities: India3
SOAS:1550Sex, Music, and Pop Culture in India3
WLLC:3700/ASIA:3700/JPNS:3700/TRNS:3700Topics in Global Cinema3


Appropriate for these languages: French, German, Italian, Portuguese, or Spanish.

ARTH:3020/FREN:3030Paris and the Art of Urban Life3
ARTH:3864Nazi and Stalinist Art: Aesthetics of Power3
CL:3263Studies in 20th-Century European Literaturearr.
ENGL:2330Topics in Modern British Literature After 19003
ENGL:2360Twentieth-Century British Literature3
ENGL:2361Twenty-first-Century British Literature3
ENGL:3320Modern British Drama3
ENGL:3350Literature and Culture of 20th- and 21st-Century Britain3
FREN:1510Cultural Misunderstandings: France and U.S.A.3
FREN:3120French Civilization3
FREN:3130French-Speaking Cultures3
FREN:3225Studies in Modern France3
FREN:4015Francophone Cinema3-4
FREN:4026/GWSS:4026French Women Writers3-4
FREN:4080/CL:4368Post-Colonial Literature in France3
FREN:4100French Cinema3-4
FREN:4433/HIST:4433France Under Nazi Occupation, 1940-19443-4
GRMN:2550/WLLC:2550Mardi Gras and More: Cultures of Carnival3-4
GRMN:2618/CL:2618The Third Reich and Literature3
GRMN:2620Anne Frank and Her Story3-4
GRMN:2630German Cinema: Greatest Hits3-4
GRMN:2655/IS:2600Muslim Minorities in the West3-4
GRMN:2650German Nationalism After WWII3-4
GRMN:2675The Politics of Memory: Holocaust, Genocide, and 9/113-4
GRMN:2720/HIST:2420Germany in the World3
GRMN:2775Scandinavian Crime Fiction3
GRMN:3236German Film3
GRMN:3250Brief Texts About Big Events3
GRMN:3405German Cultural History3
GRMN:3501German Writers Engaged3
GRMN:3550The Politics of Remembrance in German Multicultural Literature and Film3
GRMN:4315Contemporary German Civilization3
GRMN:4540Literature in Film3
HIST:1403The West and the World: Modern3-4
HIST:2465Europe Since 19453
HIST:3145Europe and the United States in the Twentieth Century3
HIST:3416Modern Britain: War and Empire in the Twentieth Century3
HIST:3475Germany's Twentieth Century3-4
HIST:4435War and Society in Modern Europe3
HIST:4438Modern European Imperialism3
HIST:4440Artists, Intellectuals, and Politics in 20th-Century Europe3
HIST:4460Twentieth-Century Europe: The Nazi Era3
HIST:4461Twentieth-Century Europe: The Cold War and After3
HIST:4465Modern France 1870-Present3
HIST:4466/FREN:4466France and Algeria from Pirates to Terrorism3
HIST:4470France from 1815-Present3
HIST:4478Holocaust in History and Memory3
ITAL:1050Italy Live3
ITAL:2550Images of Modern Italy3
ITAL:4350Studies in Italian Language3
ITAL:4667Modern Italian Fiction3
ITAL:4668Modern Italian Poetry and Theater3
POLI:1449Introduction to European Politics3
SPAN:1900Diversity and Cultures in Spain3
SPAN:2400Readings in Spanish Literature3
SPAN:2810Screening Spain3
SPAN:3600Cultures of Spain3
SPAN:3630Spanish Youth Culture3
SPAN:3820Modern and Contemporary Spanish Literature3
SPAN:3840Contemporary Spanish Short Story3
SPAN:4830The Hispanic World in the Digital Era3

Latin America

Appropriate for these languages: Portuguese or Spanish.

ANTH:3111/GHS:3040/LAS:3111Health in Mexico3
CINE:4678/LAS:4678/SPAN:4810Topics in Latin American Cinema3
COMM:2052/LAS:2052Latin American Media3
DANC:1150/LAS:1150Brazilian Culture and Carnival3
ENGL:3530Caribbean Literature and Culture3
ENGL:3535/LAS:3535Inter-American Studies3
GRMN:2550/WLLC:2550Mardi Gras and More: Cultures of Carnival3-4
HIST:2288Introduction to Mexican American History3
HIST:3501/LAS:3501Rebel Island: A History of Cuba3
HIST:3508/GHS:3508/LAS:3508Health in Latin America3
HIST:3515/LAS:3515Introduction to Modern Latin America3
HIST:4216/LAS:4216Mexican American History3
HIST:4217/LAS:4217/LATS:4217Latina/o Immigration3
HIST:4502/LAS:4502/NAIS:4502History of Mexico3
HIST:4505Topics in Latin American History3
HIST:4520Latin America and the United States: The Historical Perspective3
HIST:4525Latin American Revolution3
LAS:2700/COMM:2800/IS:2700/PORT:2700/SPAN:2700Introduction to Latin American Studies3
LAS:4700/ANTH:4700/CL:4700/HIST:4504/PORT:4700/SPAN:4900Latin American Studies Seminar3
MUS:2311/LAS:2311Music of Latin America and the Caribbean3
POLI:2415/LAS:2415Latin American Politics3
PORT:2850/SPAN:2850Brazilian Narrative in Translation3
PORT:3400Brazilian Literature After 19003
PORT:3850/SPAN:3850Topics in Cultural Studies3
PORT:4000Topics in Luso-Brazilian Literature3
SPAN:1800Contemporary Spanish American Narrative3
SPAN:2200Introduction to Spanish American Cultures3
SPAN:2500Readings in Spanish American Literature3
SPAN:2800Screening Latin America3
SPAN:2900Music of the Hispanic World3
SPAN:3200Latin American Cultural Studies3
SPAN:3210Cultural Storytelling3
SPAN:3230Modern Mexico3
SPAN:3290Topics in Cinema and Society3
SPAN:3310Spanish American Short Story3
SPAN:3320Spanish American Poetry3
SPAN:3350Contemporary Spanish American Literature3
SPAN:3440/LATS:3440Topics in Latino/a Literature and Culture3
SPAN:4350Twentieth-Century Spanish American Theater and Performance3
SPAN:4360The Orient in Contemporary Latin American Literature and Culture3
SPAN:4820/LATS:4800Latino/a Popular Culture3
SPAN:4830The Hispanic World in the Digital Era3
SPAN:4880Comic Books and Graphic Novels in the Hispanic World3

Middle East/Africa

Appropriate for these languages: Arabic, Swahili, or proficiency in another contemporary Middle Eastern or African language.

ANTH:2182/GHS:2182Africa: Health and Society3
ARAB:1050Topics in Middle East/Muslim World Studies I3
ARAB:2025Study Abroad: Culture and Society1
ARAB:2050Topics in Middle East/Muslim World Studies II3
ARAB:3005Culture and Resistance: The Modern Middle East3-4
ARTH:1040Arts of Africa3
ARTH:3150Art of West Africa3
ARTH:3325Kings, Gods, and Heroes: Art of the Ancient Near East3
ASIA:1770Asian Humanities: Middle East3
ASIA:3120Autobiography in Islamic Literary Cultures3
ASIA:3550Islam, Secularity, Modernity3
ENGL:3550/AFAM:3550African Literature3
ENGL:3555/AFAM:3555Topics in African Cinema3
FREN:3130French-Speaking Cultures3
FREN:4015Francophone Cinema3-4
FREN:4110Francophone Literature of the African Diaspora3
FREN:4466/HIST:4466France and Algeria from Pirates to Terrorism3
GHS:3555/HIST:3755/IS:3555Understanding Health and Disease in Africa3
HIST:1708Civilizations of Africa3
HIST:3745/IS:3745/RELS:3845Islam in Africa4
HIST:3760/AFAM:3760The Making of Modern Africa3
HIST:3808Draw Me History: The Middle East and North Africa Through Comics and Animated Films3
HIST:3810History of the Modern Middle East3
HIST:4725/GWSS:4725Women and Gender in African History3
HIST:4815Topics in the Modern Middle East3
POLI:1403Introduction to Politics in the Muslim World3
POLI:3418Governance in the Middle East3
POLI:3419War in the Muslim World3
POLI:3421Southern Africa: Development and Governance3
POLI:3422Horn of Africa: Politics and Transnational Issuesarr.
POLI:3423The Middle East: Policy and Diplomacy3
RELS:1130/HIST:1030Introduction to Islamic Civilization3
RELS:2486Religious Coexistence and Conflict in the Middle East3
RELS:2852/GWSS:2052Women in Islam and the Middle East3
RELS:3020Religion and Politics3
RELS:3333/IS:3333Economics and Islam3
RELS:3834/IS:3834/JMC:3146/WLLC:3834Arab Spring in Context: Media, Religion, and Geopolitics3
RELS:3855/IS:3855Human Rights and Islam3
SWAH:4050Kiswahili in Cyberspace3

Russia/Eastern Europe

Appropriate for these languages: Russian, or proficiency in a modern Slavic language.

HIST:4493Soviet Union 1917-19453
POLI:1401Introduction to the Politics of Russia and Eurasia3
POLI:3405Authoritarian Politics3
POLI:3410Russian Foreign Policy3
POLI:3413Russian Politics3
RUSS:1082Youth Subcultures After Socialism3
RUSS:1131Introduction to Russian Culture3
RUSS:1132Russia Today3
RUSS:1500/CL:1500Ukraine, a Country at the Crossroads: An Interdisciplinary Seminar on Ukrainian History and Culture3
RUSS:1531Slavic Folklore3
RUSS:1532Religion and Culture of Slavs3
RUSS:2100Secrets of Russian Mentality3
RUSS:2122Cult Films of the Last Soviet Generation3
RUSS:2131Women in Russian Society3
RUSS:2232/CL:2700Romani (Gypsy) Cultures of Eastern Europe3
RUSS:2531/CL:2531Topics in Russian, East European, and Eurasian Studiesarr.
RUSS:2600/CL:2600Issues in Russian Identity: Nationalism3
RUSS:3100West and East: Women in the Slavic World3
RUSS:3122/CL:3122Tolstoy and Dostoevsky3-4
RUSS:3124/CL:3124Invitation to Nabokov3-4
RUSS:3131/GHS:3131Health Care and Health Reforms in Russia3
RUSS:3202/CL:3302Russian Literature in Translation 1860-19173