The undergraduate minor in Russian requires a minimum of 15 s.h. in Russian courses, including 12 s.h. earned in courses considered advanced for the minor taken at the University of Iowa. Students must maintain a g.p.a. of at least 2.00 in all courses for the minor and in all UI courses for the minor. Course work in the minor may not be taken pass/nonpass. Students may count a maximum of 3 s.h. taught in English toward the minor. Either RUSS:3113 Beginning Composition and Conversation I or RUSS:3114 Beginning Composition and Conversation II may be applied toward the minor, but not both. Furthering Language Incentive Program (FLIP) credit can be applied toward the minor.

The department recommends that students choose courses numbered 3000 or above for the minor, such as the following.

15 s.h. from these:
RUSS:3111Third-Year Russian I4
RUSS:3112Third-Year Russian II4
RUSS:3113Beginning Composition and Conversation I4
RUSS:3114Beginning Composition and Conversation II4
RUSS:4111Fourth-Year Russian I4