The undergraduate minor in Latina/o/x studies (Latina/Latino/Latinx studies) requires a minimum of 15 s.h. Additionally, 12 s.h. of coursework must be taken at the University of Iowa, with a maximum of 3 s.h. accepted as transfer credit from another institution. Students must maintain a g.p.a. of at least 2.00 in all courses for the minor and in all UI courses for the minor. Coursework in the minor may not be taken pass/nonpass. A maximum of 6 s.h. of work for another University of Iowa major, minor, or certificate may be counted toward the minor.

The minor in Latina/o/x studies requires the following coursework.

Foundation Course3
Historical and Cultural Approaches Courses9
Comparative and Transnational Topics Course3
Total Hours15

Foundation Course

This course:
LATS:2280/HIST:2280/SPAN:2280Introduction to Latina/o/x Studies3

Historical and Cultural Approaches

At least 9 s.h. from these:
AMST:1600/LATS:1600/SJUS:1600War Stories3
COMM:1898/LATS:1898Introduction to Latina/o/x Communication and Culture3
ENGL:3467/LATS:3467Latina/o/x Literatures and Cultures3
GWSS:2400/CPH:2240/LATS:2400Health, Intersectionality, and Diversity3
HIST:3217/LAS:3217/LATS:3217Latina/o/x Immigration3
HIST:4216/LAS:4216Mexican American History3
LATS:1000First-Year Seminar1
LATS:3100Latinx Community Engagement3
LATS:3104/LAS:3104/POLI:3104Immigration Politics3
LATS:3410/AMST:3410Undocumented America: Citizenship, Race, and Immigration3
LATS:3415/AMST:3415/SJUS:3415Latina/o/x Protest, Movement, Resistance3
LATS:3420/AMST:3420/POLI:3427/SJUS:3420Latinas/os/x and the Law3
LATS:3430/AMST:3450/SJUS:3430Queer Latina/o/x Studies3
LATS:3435/WRIT:3435Intersectional Identities: Writing About the Twenty-first-Century Self3
LATS:3550Topics in Latina/o/x Studies: History and Culture1-3
LATS:4800/AMST:4800/SPAN:4820Latina/o/x Popular Culture3
RELS:1765/LATS:1765U.S. Latina/o/x Religions3
SPAN:1700/LATS:1700Latina/o/x Literature in the United States3
SPAN:3400/LATS:3400Chicano Literature and Culture3
SPAN:3440/LATS:3440Topics in Latina/o/x Literature and Culture3
SPAN:4160/LATS:4160Language, Justice, and the Law3
SPAN:4805/CINE:4705/LATS:4805Chicano Cinema3

Comparative and Transnational Topics

One of these:
AFAM:2770/GHS:2770/SOC:2770Black and White Community Politics3
AFAM:3100/AMST:3100/SOC:3100Critical Race Theory: Culture, Power, and Society3
AFAM:3110/SOC:3110Race, Organizations, and Workplace3
AFAM:3630/SOC:3630The Racial Wealth Gap: Black Debt, White Debt3
AMST:2025Diversity in American Culture3
ANTH:2151/GWSS:2151/IS:2151Global Migration in the Contemporary World3
COMM:2076/AFAM:2076Race, Ethnicity, and Media3
ENGL:3525Literature and Culture of the Americas3
ENGL:3535/LAS:3535Topics in Literature and Culture of the Americas3
GWSS:2650/GHS:2650Global Reproduction3
LATS:3551Topics in Latina/o/x Studies: Comparative and Transnational3
NAIS:2294/HIST:2294/SJUS:2294Indigenous Art Activism and Social Justice3
PHIL:3342Multiculturalism and Toleration3
POLI:1900Introduction to the Politics of Race3
SJUS:2250/GWSS:2250/HIST:2250The History of Social Justice Movements3
SJUS:3550/GWSS:3550/RELS:3550Social Justice, Religion, and Spirituality: Faith and Belief Ignited3
SOC:2830Race and Ethnicity3
SPAN:2050Spanish in the United States3
SPAN:3045/GHS:3045Spanish Health Narratives3
SPAN:3130Introduction to Bilingualism3