The undergraduate Certificate in Disability Studies requires a minimum of 19 s.h. of credit. Students must maintain a g.p.a. of at least 2.00 in work for the certificate.

The certificate may be earned by any student admitted to the University of Iowa who is not enrolled in a UI graduate or professional degree program. Undergraduate to Graduate (U2G) students may earn the certificate when the undergraduate classification is primary.

The Certificate in Disability Studies requires the following coursework.

Core Courses

Students earn 11-12 s.h. by taking the following four core courses.

Both of these:
DST:1101Introduction to Disability Studies3
RHET:2135/SJUS:2135Rhetorics of Diversity and Inclusion3
One of these:
EDTL:4940Characteristics of Disabilities3
TR:3162Therapeutic Recreation: Clientele3
And one of these:
EDTL:2073Finding Your Comfort Zone: Secrets to Success3
EDTL:4967Integrated Disability Studies Practicum2

Focused Elective Courses

Students earn a minimum of 7-8 s.h. in focused electives to earn a total of at least 19 s.h. for the certificate, which they select from courses in at least two of the following lists (maximum of 6 s.h. from any one list). They may count a maximum of 3 s.h. earned in courses numbered below 3000 toward this requirement.

Aging Studies
ASP:3170Health and Aging3
ASP:4165/CSD:4165Communication Disorders and Aging1-2
American Sign Language
ASL:3200Topics in Deaf Studies3
ASL:3400Issues in ASL and Deaf Studies3
ASL:3500Deafness in the Media3
ASL:3700Deaf Gain: Reframing Deaf People, Cultures, and Languages3
ASL:4201/HIST:4201History of the American Deaf Community3-4
American Studies
AMST:2025Diversity in American Culture3
ANTH:3152/ASP:3152/GHS:3152Anthropology of Caregiving and Health3
ANTH:3308Human Variation3
Cinematic Arts
CINE:1195Video Games and Identity3
CLSA:1181/GHS:1181Ancient Medicine3
CLSA:3105/GHS:3105/GRMN:3105/GWSS:3105/WLLC:3105Contraception Across Time and Cultures3
College of Public Health
CPH:2400The U.S. Health System in a Global Context3
CPH:3230Human Genetics and Public Health3
Communication Sciences and Disorders
CSD:1015Introduction to Speech and Hearing Processes and Disorders2
CSD:3185Hearing Loss and Audiometry3
CSD:4114Introduction to Voice Disorders2
CSD:4145Developmental Language Disorders3
CSD:4148Developmental Speech Disorders3
COMM:2020Health Communication3
Computer Science
CS:3980Topics in Computer Science I3
CS:4980Topics in Computer Science II (when topic is research and development of accessible computing technologies)3
Counselor Education, Teaching and Learning, and Educational Policy and Leadership Studies
CSED:4113Sleep, Sleep Deprivation, and Sleep Disorders3
CSED:4132Introduction to Addictions and Impulse Control Disorders3
CSED:4179Sexuality Within the Helping Professions3
CSED:4185Introduction to Substance Abuse3
CSED:4197Citizenship in a Multicultural Society3
EDTL:2963/THTR:2605Monsters, Victims, and Villains: Changing Perceptions3
EDTL:3130Adaptive Physical Education for the Elementary Classroom Teacher2
EDTL:4900Foundations of Special Education3
EDTL:4950Behavioral and Social Interventions3
EDTL:4987/CSED:4187Introduction to Assistive Technology3
EDTL:4990Interdisciplinary Issues in Disabilities1-3
EPLS:4180Human Relations for the Classroom Teacher3
EPLS:4200Diversity and Inclusion in Athletics3
CRIM:3250Drugs, Deviance, and Social Control3
Disability Studies
DST:1200/GHS:1200/GRMN:1200/WLLC:1200Disabilities and Inclusion in Writing and Film Around the World3
DST:3102Culture and Community in Human Services2-3
DST:3200Bioethics, Health, and Disabilityarr.
Gender, Women's, and Sexuality Studies
GWSS:2700Transgender People, Politics, and Cultures3
GWSS:4140/ANTH:4140/CBH:4140/GHS:4140Feminist Activism and Global Health3
GEOG:3110/GHS:3111Geography of Health3
Global Health Studies
GHS:2260/RELS:2260Hard Cases in Healthcare at the Beginning of Life3
GHS:2265/ASP:2265/RELS:2265Hard Cases in Healthcare at the End of Life3
GHS:4205/SPAN:4205Culture, Language, and Health3
Health Management and Policy
HMP:4000Introduction to the U.S. Health Care System3
HIST:4203Disability in American History3
International Studies
IS:3555/GHS:3555/HIST:3755Understanding Health and Disease in Africa3
Psychological and Quantitative Foundations
PSQF:2116Applied Child and Adolescent Psychology3
PSQF:3104Multicultural Issues in Counseling and Psychology3
PSY:1501Everyone's a Little Bit Biased: The Science Behind Prejudice3
PSY:3320Abnormal Psychology3
Religious Studies
RELS:3580/ANTH:3113/ASIA:3561/GHS:3113Religion and Healing3
School of Social Work
SSW:3729Substance Use and Abuse2-3
SSW:3847Discrimination, Oppression, and Diversity3
SSW:4100Social Work in the Criminal Justice System3
Sociology and Criminology
SOC:3510Medical Sociology3
Therapeutic Recreation
TR:3261Inclusive Recreation3
TR:4197/DST:4198Practicum in Therapeutic Recreation1-3