The graduate Certificate in Informatics requires 19 s.h. of graduate credit. Students must earn a g.p.a. of at least 3.00 in certificate coursework. The certificate program is designed for students enrolled in University of Iowa graduate degree programs who wish to study informatics as a complement to their degree program and for nondegree students who are interested in increasing their knowledge of informatics.

The Certificate in Informatics requires the following coursework.

Required Courses


This course:
CS:5110/IGPI:5110Introduction to Informatics3
One of these:
CS:3210Programming Languages and Tools3
CS:3980Topics in Computer Science I3
GEOG:5055/IGPI:5055Geospatial Programming3


One of these:
BIOS:4120Introduction to Biostatistics3
STAT:4143/PSQF:4143Introduction to Statistical Methods3

Data Science

One of these:
BAIS:6480Knowledge Discovery3
STAT:4540/BAIS:4540/IGPI:4540Statistical Learning3
An approved course (consult advisor)3


One of these:
CS:4400Database Systems3
GEOG:4580/IGPI:4581Introduction to Geographic Databases3

Human Factors

One of these:
CS:4500Research Methods in Human-Computer Interaction3
CS:4510Human-Computer Interaction for Computer Science3
GEOG:5540/IGPI:5540Geographic Visualization3


This course:
CS:5980Topics in Computer Science III1

For more information about certificate requirements, see the Interdisciplinary Graduate Program in Informatics website.

Certificate program applicants may be degree or nondegree graduate students. Applicants who are enrolled in a University of Iowa graduate degree program must be in good academic standing in their program.

Applicants must meet the admission requirements of the Graduate College; see the Manual of Rules and Regulations on the Graduate College website.