Professional degree: M.D.

The Doctor of Medicine is a professional degree awarded by the Carver College of Medicine. The college is accredited by the Liaison Committee on Medical Education of the American Medical Association and the Association of American Medical Colleges and meets the requirements of all state licensing boards. Its M.D. diploma admits the holder to all privileges granted to graduates of all medical colleges before such boards.

Mid-aerial view of medical campus, with Medical Education Research Facility and College of Medicine Administration Building, full blue sky facing early morning sun on a fall day.

Professional Program of Study


Student Promotion

The Carver College of Medicine has established promotion policies and procedures to ensure that each of its graduates has adequate skills, knowledge, judgment, ethical standards, and personal integrity to assume the responsibilities of a medical doctor. The student promotions committee, made up of seven faculty members and two students, performs these duties with the cooperation, advice, and judgment of course directors, faculty members, students, and administrators.

The committee recommends specific actions to be taken when a student's skills, knowledge, judgment, or ethical behavior is in any way considered consistently marginal or unsatisfactory. Possible recommendations include dismissal of the student from the college, suspension for a specified period of time, requiring the student to repeat all or any part of the curriculum on academic probation, and allowing the student to continue on academic probation with a full or partial course load. The committee's recommendations are forwarded for action to the executive dean of the Carver College of Medicine.

Specific information about student promotion policies and procedures is available from the Office of Student Affairs and Curriculum and is online in the Student Handbook.

Leaves of Absence, Withdrawal, Reinstatement

The Carver College of Medicine has established policies regarding leaves of absence, dropping courses, withdrawal from the college, and reinstatement to the college. Information about each of these policies is available on the college's Office of Student Affairs and Curriculum website and is published annually in the Student Handbook.

Disputes and Complaints

Student complaints concerning actions of faculty members or departments are pursued first through mechanisms established in the Carver College of Medicine. These procedures allow the greatest flexibility for all concerned in resolving a conflict. They are intended for situations such as grading disputes, alleged academic dishonesty, alleged dishonesty during a clinical rotation, alleged unethical or unprofessional conduct, and perceived discrimination or harassment.

Complaints regarding sexual harassment are handled confidentially in accordance with University policy and procedures; see the University's Sexual Harassment Policies.

For information about the established informal mechanisms, contact the Office of Student Affairs and Curriculum or see the Student Handbook.