The undergraduate minor in music requires 15 s.h. of course work taken in the School of Music (prefix MUS), including at least 8 s.h. taken at the University of Iowa. Students must maintain a g.p.a. of at least 2.00 in all courses for the minor. Courses used to satisfy minor requirements may not be taken pass/nonpass.

Work for the minor includes courses in three areas: music theory, music history, and performance. The remaining 5 s.h. in elective course work must be chosen from School of Music courses. Transfer credit may be accepted toward the minor, with approval of the School of Music; credit must be in music theory, music history, or elective music course work. Music performance courses must be taken at the University of Iowa.

Some School of Music courses have prerequisites; students must complete all of a course's prerequisites before they may register for a course.