The undergraduate minor in music requires a minimum of 15 s.h. in music courses, including 12 s.h. earned in courses considered upper level for the minor (music courses numbered 3000 or above) and 8 s.h. taken at the University of Iowa. Students must maintain a g.p.a. of at least 2.00 in all courses for the minor and in all UI courses for the minor. Course work for the minor may not be taken pass/nonpass.

Work for the minor must include one music theory course, one music history course, and 3 s.h. of performance course work (applied instruction or ensembles). Auditions with the instructor are required for admission to the lower-level applied instruction courses; admission to the theory courses is determined by results on the theory placement exam or completion of MUS:1200 Fundamentals of Music for Majors.

The following courses are also considered advanced for the minor.

MUS:1009Jazz Cultures in America and Abroad3
MUS:1201Musicianship and Theory I4
MUS:1202Musicianship and Theory II4
MUS:1310World Music3
MUS:1720History of Jazz3
MUS:2203Musicianship and Theory III4
MUS:2204Musicianship and Theory IV4
MUS:2301History of Music I3
MUS:2302History of Music II3
MUS:2311Music of Latin America and the Caribbean3
All lower-level applied instruction courses for majors, MUS:2020 through MUS:2038

Students may count a maximum of 7 s.h. of transfer credit toward the music theory, music history, and elective requirements. No transfer credit may be counted toward music performance requirements.