The undergraduate minor in communication studies requires a minimum of 19 s.h. in communication studies courses, including 12 s.h. in courses taken at the University of Iowa. Students must maintain a g.p.a. of at least 2.00 in all courses for the minor and in all UI courses for the minor. Course work in the minor may not be taken pass/nonpass. The minor must include the five courses listed under "Foundations of Communication" and one course listed under "Intermediate Courses" below.

Foundations of Communication

All of these:
COMM:1112Interpersonal Communication3
or COMM:1170 Communication Theory in Everyday Life
COMM:1117Theory and Practice of Argument3-4
or COMM:1130 The Art of Persuading Others
COMM:1168Media, Music, and Culture3
or COMM:1174 Media and Society
COMM:1301Core Concepts in Communication Studies3
COMM:1305Studying Communication: Methods and Critiques4

Intermediate Courses

One of these:
COMM:2010Communication and Organizational Culture3
COMM:2011Group Communication3
COMM:2040Communication and Conflict3
COMM:2041Gender, Communication, and Culture3
COMM:2042Intercultural Communication3
COMM:2044Political Communication3
COMM:2048Transforming Media: From Telegraph to Internet3
COMM:2051Politics of Popular Culture3
COMM:2052Latin American Media3
COMM:2053Secrets, Confidences, and Lies: Privacy Management in Interpersonal Relationships3
COMM:2054Movements, Protest, Resistance3
COMM:2057Introduction to Computer-Mediated Communication3
COMM:2058Rhetoric and Past Public Controversy: The Sixties3
COMM:2064Media, Advertising, and Society3
COMM:2065Television Criticism3
COMM:2069Black TV Drama: The Wire3
COMM:2075Gender, Sexuality, and Media3
COMM:2076Race, Ethnicity, and Media3
COMM:2077Writing and Producing Television3
COMM:2079Digital Media and Religion3
COMM:2080Public Life in the U.S.: Religion and Media3
COMM:2085Media Industries and Organizations3
COMM:2086Global Media Studies3
COMM:2087Copyright Controversies3
COMM:2088Media and Democracy3
COMM:2089Nonverbal Communication3
COMM:2090Topics in Communication Studies3
COMM:2091Organizational Communication3