This is a first version of the 2019-20 General Catalog. The final edition and the historical PDF will be published during the fall semester.

The Bachelor of Arts with major in science education requires a minimum of 120 s.h., including a minimum of 44 s.h. in science education professional education courses, completion of an approved College of Liberal Arts and Sciences science degree, and science education content courses. Students must maintain a g.p.a. of at least 2.70 in professional education course requirements. They also must complete the GE CLAS Core. The major requires admission to the Teacher Education Program (TEP). Application information can be obtained through the Office of Student Services.

Students must earn one of these majors at the University of Iowa in order to earn the B.A. in science education: a B.A. in biology, a B.S. in biology, a B.A. in chemistry, a B.S. in chemistry, a B.A. in environmental sciences, a B.S. in environmental sciences, a B.A. in geoscience, a B.S. in geoscience, a B.A. in physics, a B.S. in physics, or a B.S. in science studies; both degrees may be earned at the same time. Separate application to each degree program is required. Graduates who have earned one of these degrees at another institution and wish to earn the B.A. in science education should consult the Department of Teaching and Learning; additional course work may be required.

An Iowa secondary teaching license qualifies holders to teach in grades 5-12. Additional subject area endorsements can be completed in any 5-12 licensure program. For more information and an advisor, contact the Department of Teaching and Learning.

For initial licensure, student teaching must be an all-day, full-semester experience. Most students are placed in a district within a 60-mile radius of Iowa City. Placements outside this area require special approval and are considered on an individual basis. Special site programs provide experience in districts with diverse populations and students also may apply to student teach at international sites for the second half of the semester.

Additional information about options for student teaching and application procedures is available from the Office of Student Services. Applications for student teaching must be submitted during the calendar year before the student teaching semester. The deadline for student planning to student teach the following fall semester is November 15 and April 15 for the following spring semester. 

The B.A. with a major in science education requires the following work.

Professional Education Course Requirements

Students complete 44 s.h from the following.

Foundation Courses

Foundation courses may be completed before or after admission to the major.

All of these:
EDTL:4900Foundations of Special Education3
EPLS:3000Foundations of Education3
PSQF:1075Educational Psychology and Measurement3

Additional Licensure Courses

All of these:
EDTL:3002Technology in the Classroom2
EDTL:3091Secondary Education Program Orientation and Classroom Management3
EDTL:3095Teaching Reading in Secondary Content Areas1
EPLS:4180Human Relations for the Classroom Teacher3
And, all of these taken in this order:
EDTL:4751Science Methods I: Early Learners with Field Experience3
EDTL:4752Science Methods II: Junior High with Field Experience3
EDTL:4753Science Methods III: High School with Field Experience3
EDTL:4779Secondary School Science Practicum2

Student Teaching

Transfer students should consult their adviser since they must complete certain courses before they student teach.

All of these:
EDTL:4087Seminar: Curriculum and Student Teaching3
EDTL:4091Observation and Laboratory Practice in the Secondary School6
EDTL:4092Observation and Laboratory Practice in the Secondary School6

Mathematics Course

Students must complete a college-level math course. Most students complete this course as a part of their GE CLAS Core requirement in Quantitative or Formal Reasoning. For questions about how the math course can be applied to the licensure requirement, see Academic Advising on the College of Education website.

One of these:
CS:1110Introduction to Computer Science3
CS:1210Computer Science I: Fundamentals4
STAT:1010Statistics and Society3
STAT:1020/PSQF:1020Elementary Statistics and Inference3
STAT:1030Statistics for Business4
Any mathematics course (prefix MATH) except for MATH:0100, MATH:0300, or MATH:1005

Science Education Content Courses

Students select science courses that relate to their major field of study.