The Department of Family Dentistry reinforces and refines the comprehensive approach to managing patients' oral health care needs.

D.D.S. Student Training

The senior year of the Doctor of Dental Surgery program integrates basic science knowledge, clinical skills, and dental laboratory experiences acquired during the first three years of dental school into a systematic approach to providing patient care.

Students who complete their education in family dentistry should:

  • conduct themselves in a professional and ethical manner;
  • understand the principles of comprehensive dental treatment planning;
  • know the medical, ethical, and legal issues involved in patient care;
  • be able to recognize the need for specialty consultation;
  • be competent in coordinating and sequencing patient treatments;
  • be effective members of the dental team;
  • be prepared to enter general practice;
  • be educated and trained for licensure examination; and
  • appreciate the importance and value of lifelong learning.

Students spend five days a week in a clinical setting, where they gain experience in total patient management and care. Their didactic course work builds on their previous education. All areas of clinical and didactic instruction, patient awareness, and sensitivity to patients' needs are stressed.

The department's practice management curriculum prepares students to evaluate practice locations and manage the business aspects of a dental practice.

Family Dentistry Courses

FAMD:8484 Dental Practice Management2 s.h.

Principles of dental practice management; delivery of comprehensive dental treatment in a simulated group-practice clinical setting, with chairside dental assistants.

FAMD:8487 Clinical Experiences: Comprehensive Carearr.

Clinical experiences in diagnosis, treatment planning, and delivery of integrated, comprehensive dental care.

FAMD:8488 Clinical Competencies: Comprehensive Carearr.

Refinement of clinical skills, judgment, and critical self-evaluation in the delivery of integrated, comprehensive dental care.

FAMD:8494 Topics in Family Dentistry3 s.h.

Current techniques, findings; applications for general practitioner and graduate specialty programs.

FAMD:8495 Treatment Planning and Sequencing2 s.h.

Documentation of diagnostic procedures used in developing a treatment plan and sequence for selected clinical patients; student presentations.