The Department of Endodontics provides education and training to predoctoral students and to professional students, who may work toward a graduate degree along with their professional training. Some students participate with departmental faculty in research that contributes to the knowledge base of the specialty. Faculty and advanced students in the department also provide care to patients at the College of Dentistry.

D.D.S. Student Training

Course work and clinical experiences in endodontics are of vital importance in the overall education of Doctor of Dental Surgery students. Preclinical endodontics, taught during the sophomore year, includes a didactic and a laboratory component. In clinical endodontics, taught during the junior year, students study both normal and pathological conditions of the dental pulp and periapex. Diagnosis of pulpal and periradicular disease and various specialized aspects of endodontic treatment are emphasized. Students treat endodontic patients under direct supervision of faculty and staff.

Professional Program of Study


The Department of Endodontics is located in the west section (third floor) of the Dental Science Building (DSB). The Endodontic Clinic is adjacent to the west entrance. 

Endodontics Courses

ENDO:5201 Update in Endodontics0-1 s.h.

Recommended for second year certificate students.

ENDO:5225 Endodontic Literature Review I0,2 s.h.

Current and historical research.

ENDO:5226 Endodontic Literature Review II0,2 s.h.

Continuation of ENDO:5225.

ENDO:5260 Current Literature in Endodontics0-1 s.h.

Current literature relevant to endodontics, including diagnosis or treatment of endodontic cases; dental journals with endodontic-related content; landmark research.

ENDO:5700 Endodontic Surgery Conference0,2 s.h.

Attendance at Endodontic Surgery Conference.

ENDO:5701 Advanced Clinical Endodontics0,3 s.h.

Advanced study.

ENDO:5710 Research in Endodontics0 s.h.

ENDO:5720 Seminar in Endodontics I0,2 s.h.

First in a series of lectures in endodontics.

ENDO:5721 Seminar in Endodontics II0,2 s.h.

Continuation of ENDO:5720.

ENDO:6227 Endodontic Literature Review III0,2 s.h.

Continuation of ENDO:5226.

ENDO:6228 Endodontic Literature Review IV0,2 s.h.

Continuation of ENDO:6227.

ENDO:6701 Seminar in Endodontics III0,2 s.h.

Continuation of ENDO:5721.

ENDO:6702 Seminar in Endodontics IV0,2 s.h.

Continuation of ENDO:6701.

ENDO:8240 Endodontics Preclinical Didactic1 s.h.

Basic principles, concepts, technical procedures for treatment of pulpal problems.

ENDO:8241 Endodontics Preclinical Laboratory1 s.h.

Basic technical procedures for treatment of pulpal problems.

ENDO:8360 Clinical Endodontic Practicearr.

Clinical experience in diagnosis and treatment of routine pulpal and periradicular pathology; emergency diagnosis; treatment of patients.

ENDO:8365 Clinical Endodontic Seminar1 s.h.

Tooth pain, anesthesia, pulpal and periradicular reactions, endodontic radiologic interpretation, trauma diagnosis and treatment, surgical endodontics, endodontic implants, bleaching, retreatment, apexification/apexigenesis.