The undergraduate minor in religious studies requires a minimum of 15 s.h. in religious studies courses, including 12 s.h. in courses taken at the University of Iowa. Students may count up to 3 s.h. of transfer credit toward the minor with approval of the department’s undergraduate committee. All students must maintain a cumulative g.p.a. of at least 2.00 in all departmental and UI courses for the minor. Coursework for the minor cannot be taken pass/nonpass.

A number of courses for the minor count toward the GE CLAS Core. Students can identify courses approved for the GE CLAS Core by viewing the course descriptions.

The minor in religious studies requires the following coursework.

Core Area Courses9
Additional Coursework6
Total Hours15

Core Area Courses

Students select one course from at least three different core areas for a total of 9 s.h.

Social Justice, Equity, Inclusion, and Religion

RELS:1015Global Religious Conflict and Diversity3
RELS:1041African American Religion and Popular Culture3
RELS:1350Introduction to African American Religions3
RELS:1765U.S. Latina/o/x Religions3
RELS:1810Happiness in a Difficult World3
RELS:2000Engaging Religious Diversity for Leadership and Entrepreneurship3
RELS:2330Wealth, Inequality, and Islam3
RELS:2620Politics, Sex, and the Bible3
RELS:3745Twentieth- and Twenty-first-Century African American Religion: Civil Rights to Black Lives Matter3

Religion in History

RELS:1001Judaism, Christianity, and Islam3
RELS:1225Medieval Religion and Culture3
RELS:1250Modern Religion and Culture3
RELS:1430The Bible Matters: Biblical Studies for Our Modern World3
RELS:2775The Bible and the Holocaust3
RELS:2930Digital Media and Religion3
RELS:3190Medieval to Modern: The Birth of Protestantism3
RELS:3385Early Modern Catholicism3
RELS:3520Religious Violence and Nationalism3
RELS:4155Religious Conflict: Early Modern Period3

Religion in Global Context

RELS:1130Introduction to Islamic Civilization3
RELS:1404Living Religions of the East3
RELS:1506Introduction to Buddhism3
RELS:1670Korea in the World3
RELS:2852Women in Islam and the Middle East3
RELS:3655Zen Buddhism3
RELS:3855Human Rights and Islam3

Religion, Values, and Culture

RELS:1070Introduction to the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament3
RELS:1080Introduction to the New Testament3
RELS:1702Religion in America Today3
RELS:1903Quest for Human Destiny3
RELS:2260Hard Cases in Healthcare at the Beginning of Life3
RELS:2265Hard Cases in Healthcare at the End of Life3
RELS:2272Gods and Superheroes: Mythologies for a Modern World3
RELS:2353Love: Philosophy, Psychology, Religion, and Art3
RELS:2877Sport and Religion in America3
RELS:2947Quest II: Sex, Love, and Death3
RELS:3431Gender and Sexuality in East Asia3

Special Topics and Current Events

RELS:1050Big Ideas: Introduction to Information, Society, and Culture3
RELS:1997Harry Potter: The Mystery and Magic of Life3
RELS:2122The Place of Animals in the Hebrew Bible3
RELS:2674Food, Body, and Belief: A Global Perspective3
RELS:2980Religion and Contemporary Popular Culture3
RELS:3055Death, Dying, and Beyond in Asian Religions3
RELS:3267Dissent and Rebellion in Islamic Societies: Was There an Arab Spring?3
RELS:4893Classical Arabic: Vocabulary, Syntax, and Grammar1-3
RELS:4930Internship in Research on Rights and Remedial Justice1-3
RELS:4960Individual Study: Undergraduatesarr.

Additional Coursework

Students select 6 s.h. from any core areas listed above or from the elective courses listed below. At least one course (3 s.h.) must be at 3000 level or above. Courses used to fulfill the core area courses requirement may not be used to fulfill the additional coursework requirement.

Elective Courses

RELS:1400/CLSA:1400Biblical Archaeology1,3
RELS:1502/ASIA:1502/SOAS:1502Asian Humanities: India3
RELS:1606/ASIA:1606/HIST:1606Civilizations of Asia: South Asia3-4
RELS:1620/SOAS:1620Bhagavad Gita: Essential Teachings of Indian Religion3
RELS:2080/COMM:2080Public Life in the U.S.: Religion and Media3
RELS:2182/CLSA:2482Ancient Mediterranean Religions3
RELS:2289/CLSA:2489Jerusalem: The Holy City3
RELS:2361/CLSA:2461/HIST:2461Middle East and Mediterranean: Alexander to Suleiman3
RELS:2444/CLSA:2444Cities of the Bible2
RELS:2834/PHIL:2534Philosophy of Religion3
RELS:3003/CLSG:3003Classical and Hellenistic Periods I3
RELS:3243/CLSA:3443Pagans and Christians: The Church from Jesus to Muhammad3
RELS:3247/CLSA:3247Banned from the Bible: Pseudepigrapha and Apocrypha3
RELS:3375/ARTH:3375The Great Collision3
RELS:3550/GWSS:3550/SJUS:3550Social Justice, Religion, and Spirituality: Faith and Belief Ignited3
RELS:3645/PHIL:3845Buddhist Philosophy3
RELS:3700/ENTR:3595/MGMT:3500/MUSM:3500/NURS:3595/SSW:3500Nonprofit Organizational Effectiveness I3
RELS:3701/MGMT:3600/NURS:3600/SSW:3600Nonprofit Organizational Effectiveness II3
RELS:3704/ARTH:3320Egyptian Art3
RELS:3714/ANTH:3114Anthropology of Religion3
RELS:3716/CLSA:3416Greek Religion and Society3
RELS:3808/AFAM:3500/HIST:3160Malcolm X, King, and Human Rights3
RELS:4001/CLSA:4901Biblical Hebrew I3-4
RELS:4002/CLSA:4902Biblical Hebrew II4
RELS:4154/COMM:4154Magic Machines: Technology and Social Change3
RELS:4352/CLSA:4452The Dead Sea Scrolls3
RELS:4730/ANTH:4130Religion and Environmental Ethics3
RELS:4870/SPAN:4870Islamic Cultural Presence in Spain3