The undergraduate minor in astronomy requires a minimum of 15 s.h. in astronomy and physics courses, including 12 s.h. of coursework numbered 3000 or above and 12 s.h. taken at the University of Iowa. Students must maintain a g.p.a. of at least 2.00 in all courses for the minor and in all UI courses for the minor. Coursework in the minor may not be taken pass/nonpass.

Coursework numbered 3000 or above must include 6 s.h. chosen from these:

ASTR:3771Introduction to Astrophysics I3
ASTR:3772Introduction to Astrophysics II3
ASTR:4850Astronomical Laboratory3

Remaining work may be chosen from any astronomy or physics courses numbered 3000 or above.

Most University of Iowa courses for the minor have prerequisites; students must complete a course's prerequisites before they may enroll in the course.

Sample Plan of Study

Sample plans represent one way to complete a program of study. Actual course selection and sequence will vary and should be discussed with an academic advisor. For additional sample plans, see MyUI.

Astronomy, Minor

Plan of Study Grid (Manual)
Academic Career
Any SemesterHours
12 semester hours for the Astronomy minor must be taken at the University of Iowa.
First Year
MATH:1850 Calculus I a 4
PHYS:1701 Physics I 4
ASTR:1771 Introductory Astronomy I: Basic Astrophysics and Planetary Astronomy 4
MATH:1860 Calculus II 4
PHYS:1702 Physics II 4
ASTR:1772 Introductory Astronomy II: Stellar, Galactic, and Extragalactic Astronomy 4
Second Year
MATH:2700 Introduction to Linear Algebra 4
PHYS:2703 Physics III 4
MATH:2850 Calculus III 4
PHYS:2704 Physics IV 4
Third Year
ASTR:3771 Introduction to Astrophysics I b 3
ASTR:3772 Introduction to Astrophysics II b 3
Fourth Year
Minor: 3000-level or above course 3
Minor: 3000-level or above course (ASTR:4850 Astronomical Laboratory is recommended) 3
 Total Hours52
Enrollment in math courses requires completion of a placement exam.
Typically this course is offered every other year. Check MyUI for course availability since offerings are subject to change.