Undergraduate major: history (BA)

Undergraduate minor: history

Graduate degrees: MA in history; PhD in history

Faculty: https://history.uiowa.edu/people/

Website: https://history.uiowa.edu/

History is the heart of a liberal arts education. Students of history develop an understanding of change—how it happens and why it happens the way it does—that enables them to engage the world they inhabit and to participate fully in civic life. Department of History courses engage the diversity of American life and bring a global consciousness that helps students navigate the streets (and the news) from Iowa City to Berlin to Dar es Salaam.

Faculty and students in the department participate in many of the university's interdisciplinary departments and programs, including the departments of African American Studies, American Studies, Asian and Slavic Languages and Literatures, Classics, Gender, Women's, and Sexuality Studies, Global Health Studies, International Studies, Latin American Studies, and Latina/o/x Studies; and the Native American and Indigenous Studies program.

Student at a table reads through pages of a historical document in the Hoover Library.

In addition to the undergraduate and graduate programs offered by the Department of History, many history courses are approved for the GE CLAS Core. Look for courses with prefix HIST under Diversity and Inclusion, Historical Perspectives, International and Global Issues, and Values and Culture areas in the GE CLAS Core section of the catalog. History courses approved for the GE CLAS Core may not be taken pass/nonpass, even when they are taken as electives.