Sport and Recreation Management, Minor

This is the first version of the 2024–25 General Catalog. Please check back regularly for changes. The final edition and the historical PDF will be published during the fall semester.

The undergraduate minor in sport and recreation management requires a minimum of 15 s.h. in Department of Health and Human Physiology courses, including at least 9 s.h. in courses numbered 3000 or above. Students must maintain a grade-point average of at least 2.00 in all courses for the minor and in all UI courses for the minor. Coursework in the minor may not be taken pass/nonpass. A maximum of 3 s.h. of transfer credit may be accepted toward the minor with the approval of the sport and recreation management program director.

Students who earn a BS in sport and recreation management may not earn the minor in sport and recreation management.

Online Option

The minor in sport and recreation management may be earned through coursework that is offered online. For more information, contact the Department of Health and Human Physiology.


The minor in sport and recreation management requires the following coursework.

Students take 15 s.h. from the courses listed below, including at least one introductory course numbered 1000–1999 and at least 9 s.h. in coursework numbered 3000 or above. No more than 3 s.h. combined from SRM:4196 Interscholastic Athletic Administration Field Experience, SRM:4197 Sport and Recreation Field Experience, and SRM:4199 Independent Sport and Recreation Field Experience may count toward the minor.

Course # Title Hours
Between 3-6 s.h. from these:
SRM:1046Health for Happiness3
SRM:1049Sport Coaching Foundations: Catalyst for Sustainable Communities3
SRM:1060Contemporary Issues in Sports3
SRM:1070Recreation and Parks in the United States: Foundations and Impact3
SRM:1085Introduction to Travel and Tourism3
At least 9 s.h. from these:
SRM:3143Youth Sports Administration3
SRM:3144Program Design for Recreational Services3
SRM:3145Leadership and Group Dynamics in Recreation and Sport3
SRM:3146Sports Officiating: Rules, Theories, and Issues3
SRM:3147Sport Event Management3
SRM:3148Interscholastic Activities and Athletics Administration3
SRM:3149Coaching Theory, Body Structure, and Human Development (this course and SRM:3155 together allow students to apply for state of Iowa coaching authorization)3
SRM:3150Recreation Administration3
SRM:3151Liability in Sport and Recreation3
SRM:3152Design and Management of Sport and Recreation Facilities3
SRM:3153Sport Business Practices3
SRM:3154Foundations of Event Management3
SRM:3155Prevention and Care of Athletic Injuries for Coaches (this course and SRM:3149 together allow students to apply for state of Iowa coaching authorization)3
SRM:3157Managerial Operations in Sport and Recreation3
SRM:3158Sport and Recreation Promotion3
SRM:3172Finance in Sport and Recreation3
SRM:3175Sales in Sport3
SRM:3176Sports Analytics for Coaches, Managers, and Other Decision Makers3
SRM:3178Communications and Public Relations in Sports3
SRM:3179Podcasting for Sport and Recreation Professionals3
SRM:3200Topics in Sport and Recreation Management3
SRM:3210Event Bidding: Processes and Strategies3
SRM:3300Writing for Sport and Recreation Managers3
SRM:3700Ethics in Sport3
SRM:3800Sport Law for Interscholastic Athletic Directors3
SRM:4158Advanced Sport Marketing3
SRM:4198NCAA Rules Compliance and Enforcement3
May include a maximum of 3 s.h. from these:
SRM:4196Interscholastic Athletic Administration Field Experience1-3
SRM:4197Sport and Recreation Field Experience3
SRM:4199Independent Sport and Recreation Field Experience1-3