The undergraduate minor in social justice requires a minimum of 15 s.h. of coursework, including at least 12 s.h. completed at the University of Iowa. Students must take SJUS:1001/GWSS:1003 Introduction to Social Justice and 12 s.h. in courses numbered 2000 or above. They may count GWSS:1002 Diversity and Power in the U.S. toward the 12 s.h. requirement. Students must maintain a cumulative g.p.a. of at least 2.00 in all courses for the minor and in all UI courses for the minor. Coursework in the minor may not be taken pass/nonpass.

Students may count a maximum of 3 s.h. from another University of Iowa major, minor, or certificate toward the social justice minor.

The minor in social justice requires the following coursework.

Foundation Courses6
Human Rights, Diversity, Activism Course3
Social Justice Movements: Politics, History, Culture, Art Course3
Total Hours15

Foundation Courses

This course:
SJUS:1001/GWSS:1003Introduction to Social Justice3
One of these:
SJUS:2000Theories of Social Justice3
SJUS:2250/GWSS:2250/HIST:2250The History of Social Justice Movements3
GWSS:3138/SJUS:3138Writing to Change the World3

Human Rights, Diversity, Activism

One of these:
SJUS:1600/AMST:1600/LATS:1600War Stories3
SJUS:2050/GWSS:2050/HIST:2150/RELS:2250Jews, Judaism, and Social Justice3
SJUS:2135/RHET:2135Rhetorics of Diversity and Inclusion3
SJUS:2200/GWSS:2200The Racial and Gender Construction of Identity, Citizenship, and Rights in America3
SJUS:2500/ENGL:2570/GWSS:2500Love, War, Activism: Stories About Women from Across the World3
SJUS:2571/ENGL:2571/GWSS:2571Visualizing Human Rights3
SJUS:3130/GWSS:3130/HIST:3252Blacks and Jews: Race, Ethnicity, and Culture in America3
SJUS:3133/ANTH:3133/GWSS:3133Anthropology of Race3
SJUS:3475/GWSS:3475Working for Social Justice3
SJUS:3620/GWSS:3620Narrative Medicine, Social Justice, and the End of Life3
GWSS:1002Diversity and Power in the U.S.3
GWSS:2080/GHS:2080The Cultural Politics of HIV-AIDS3
GWSS:2172The History of African American Women from Slavery to Freedom3
GWSS:2800/AFAM:2800African American Women, Health, Hair, and Sexuality3
GWSS:3138/SJUS:3138Writing to Change the World (if not used as a Foundation course)3
GWSS:3157/HIST:3157Gender, Sexuality, and Human Rights3
GWSS:3177/NURS:3739Women and Their Bodies in Health and Illness3
GWSS:3326/GHS:3327The Politics of Progress: NGOs, Development, and Sexuality3
GWSS:4140/ANTH:4140/CBH:4140/GHS:4140Feminist Activism and Global Health3
HIST:3217/LAS:3217/LATS:3217Latina/o/x Immigration3
HIST:3232History of American Inequality3
HIST:3275/AFAM:3275History of Slavery in the U.S.A.3-4
HIST:4101History of Human Rights3
HIST:4478Holocaust in History and Memory3
HRTS:2115/IS:2115Introduction to Human Rights3
HRTS:3906Global Crises and Human Rights3
HRTS:3910/IS:3910Human Rights Advocacy3
LATS:3104/LAS:3104/POLI:3104Immigration Politics3
NAIS:2292/HIST:2292Introduction to Native American Law and Policy3
PHIL:3430Philosophy of Human Rights3
POLI:1900Introduction to the Politics of Race3
RELS:3855/IS:3855Human Rights and Islam3
RHET:3560/PBAF:3560/POLI:3560/SJUS:3560Public Policy and Persuasion3
SOC:2810Social Inequality3
SSW:3712/NURS:3712Human Sexuality, Diversity, and Society3
SSW:3847Discrimination, Oppression, and Diversity3

Social Justice Movements: Politics, History, Culture, Art

One of these:
SJUS:2000Theories of Social Justice (if not used as a Foundation course)3
SJUS:2250/GWSS:2250/HIST:2250The History of Social Justice Movements (if not used as a Foundation course)3
SJUS:2294/HIST:2294/NAIS:2294Indigenous Art Activism and Social Justice3
SJUS:3250/ENGL:3170Literature and Social Justice3
SJUS:3459/GWSS:3459/HIST:3259Making Change, Making History: Iowa's Black Activists and Digital History3
SJUS:3550/GWSS:3550/RELS:3550Social Justice, Religion, and Spirituality: Faith and Belief Ignited3
GWSS:2650/GHS:2650Global Reproduction3
GWSS:2700Transgender People, Politics, and Cultures3
GWSS:3280/HIST:3280Women and Power in U.S. History Through the Civil War3
GWSS:3282/HIST:3282Women and Power in U.S. History Since the Civil War3
GWSS:3600Art, Feminist Practice, and Social Justice3
AFAM:3053/AMST:3053/HIST:3253The Civil Rights Movement3
COMM:2054Movements, Protest, Resistance3
ENGL:2463/AFAM:2463Topics in African American Literature (when topic is the Harlem Renaissance)3
ENGL:3515Topics in Postcolonial Studies (when topic is revolutionary Caribbean: Cuba and Puerto Rico)3
HIST:3232History of American Inequality3
HIST:4260The Sixties in America3
IS:3200Sustainable Development3
LATS:3550Topics in Latina/o/x Studies: History and Culture3


Courses used to satisfy the Foundation Courses requirement; the Human Rights, Diversity, Activism requirement; or the Social Justice Movements: Politics, History, Culture, Art requirement listed above may not be used to satisfy the elective requirement.

One of these:
GWSS:2571/ENGL:2571/SJUS:2571Visualizing Human Rights3
GWSS:3010/GHS:3015Transnational Sexualities3
GWSS:3100LGBTQ/Queer Studies3
GWSS:3118/ANTH:3118Politics of Reproduction3
GWSS:3200Theories for Gender, Women's, and Sexuality Studies3
GWSS:3300/ANTH:3300Mothers and Motherhood3
GWSS:3326/GHS:3327The Politics of Progress: NGOs, Development, and Sexuality3
AFAM:3500/HIST:3160/RELS:3808Malcolm X, King, and Human Rights3
ANTH:2190/GWSS:2190/IS:2190Love Rules: Law and the Family Across Cultures3
ANTH:3103Environment and Culture3
ANTH:3110/GHS:3110/NAIS:3110Colonialism and Indigenous Health Equity3
ANTH:3151/ASP:3151/GHS:3151The Anthropology of the Beginnings and Ends of Life3
ANTH:3152/ASP:3152/GHS:3152Anthropology of Caregiving and Health3
ANTH:4130/RELS:4730Religion and Environmental Ethics3
ANTH:4140/CBH:4140/GHS:4140/GWSS:4140Feminist Activism and Global Health3
ASP:3150Psychology of Aging3
COMM:4131/IS:4131Globalization and Culture3
COMM:4169/GWSS:4169Feminist Rhetorics3
CPH:3400/GEOG:3210Health, Work, and the Environment3
CPH:3500/GHS:3500Global Public Health3
EES:3070Marine Ecosystems and Conservation3
ENGL:3444Literatures of the American Peoples3
ENGL:3555/AFAM:3555Topics in African Cinema (when topic is visualizing human rights)3
ENGL:3580Identity and Social Issues3
GEOG:3340Ecosystem Services3
GEOG:3400Iowa Environmental Policy in Practice3
GEOG:3760/GHS:3760Hazards and Society3
GEOG:4770/AFAM:4770/GHS:4770Environmental Justice3
GHS:3620Global Health and Human Rights3
GHS:3720Contemporary Issues in Global Health3
HIST:3126History of Globalization3
HIST:3162/GHS:3162History of Global Health3
HIST:3217/LAS:3217/LATS:3217Latina/o/x Immigration3
HIST:3282/GWSS:3282Women and Power in U.S. History Since the Civil War3
HIST:4101History of Human Rights3
HIST:4216/LAS:4216Mexican American History3
HIST:4260The Sixties in America3
HRTS:3910/IS:3910Human Rights Advocacy3
JMC:3150/CBH:3150/GHS:3150Media and Health3
LATS:3420/AMST:3420/POLI:3427/SJUS:3420Latinas/os/x and the Law3
NAIS:2292/HIST:2292Introduction to Native American Law and Policy3
POLI:3104/LAS:3104/LATS:3104Immigration Politics3
POLI:3111American Public Policy3
POLI:3114Women and Politics in the United States3
POLI:3150Problems in American Politics3
POLI:3512International Conflict3
PSY:3560Psychology of Gender3
RELS:3431/ASIA:3431/GWSS:3131Gender and Sexuality in East Asia3
RELS:3580/ANTH:3113/ASIA:3561/GHS:3113Religion and Healing3
RELS:3745/AFAM:3245Twentieth- and Twenty-first-Century African American Religion: Civil Rights to Black Lives Matter3
RELS:3855/IS:3855Human Rights and Islam3
SOC:2830Race and Ethnicity3
SPAN:3230Modern Mexico3
SPAN:3400/LATS:3400Chicano Literature and Culture3
SPAN:3440/LATS:3440Topics in Latina/o/x Literature and Culture3
SPAN:4820/AMST:4800/LATS:4800Latina/o/x Popular Culture3
SSW:3712/NURS:3712Human Sexuality, Diversity, and Society3
SSW:3796Family Violence3