American Studies, BA

This is the first version of the 2024–25 General Catalog. Please check back regularly for changes. The final edition and the historical PDF will be published during the fall semester.

American studies majors develop broad training in cultural analysis and communication. Students take courses that make sense of the contemporary world, both nationally and internationally, using a variety of approaches to the study of culture, including film, the digital humanities, art, theater, and literature. Building on the strengths of the faculty, students use a variety of approaches to study culture, including racial and ethnic studies, gender studies, media studies, the digital humanities, history, art, theater, and literature.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the BA in American studies, students should have:

  • a deepened knowledge and critical understanding of American history, cultures, and society;
  • the ability to interpret a range of sources (literature, painting, maps, diaries, music, census data, material objects) and to integrate those sources into a persuasive argument about American culture; and
  • the ability to explain one’s own perspective on American identity and to place that identity in the diverse, global context of our time.