Graduate degree: M.S. in translational biomedicine

The Translational Biomedicine Program offers training in translational biomedicine, biostatistics, ethics, and in various elective areas while providing time to conduct mentored research under the direction of an interdisciplinary team. It is specifically tailored to clinicians in medicine, nursing, pharmacy, dentistry, and psychology, as well as to Ph.D. researchers conducting translational research in the biomedical sciences.

Related Programs


The Department of Epidemiology and the Institute for Clinical and Translational Science offer the graduate certificate program in translational and clinical investigation; see the Certificate in Translational and Clinical Investigation (College of Public Health) in the Catalog.

Student looking through a microscope.

Master of Science

The Department of Epidemiology (College of Public Health) offers an M.S. in clinical investigation which may be a good alternative to the Translational Biomedicine Program.

Graduate Program of Study


Training is conducted mainly in the laboratories and teaching facilities of the Carver College of Medicine and the College of Public Health. The University's Institute for Clinical and Translational Science is available for research training. The program also is linked with the Carver College of Medicine's graduate training program in clinical research.

Translational Biomedicine Courses

TBM:5000 Translational Biomedical Research arr.

Student research guided by mentor.

TBM:5001 Introduction to Translational Biomedicine 3 s.h.

Basis for clinical and translational research; introduction to principles of experimental design for patient- and population-oriented research; approaches available to clinical and translational investigators (e.g., statistics, questionnaires, ethics, imaging, information technology); infrastructure that supports clinical and translational investigators at the University of Iowa and nationally; for early-career clinicians/scientists and established investigators. Requirements: enrollment in translational biomedicine M.S. program.

TBM:5002 Critical Thinking and Communication: Study Design and Commercialization 1 s.h.

Various study design methodologies and process of commercialization; presentations of current projects. Requirements: candidacy for M.S. in translational biomedicine.

TBM:5003 Critical Thinking and Communication: Scientific Writing and Presentation Strategies 1 s.h.

Grant development and journal writing process; development of effective scientific presentations.

TBM:5004 Critical Thinking and Communication: Career Development and the Funding Process 1 s.h.

Introduction to a variety of career development awards and their requirements; opportunity to work on personal career development grant applications.

TBM:5005 Critical Thinking and Communication: Leadership, Team Science, and Community Engagement 1 s.h.

Leadership skills for managing and developing a research team; leading and organizing a team; managing and sharing resources with other faculty and fellows; finding, hiring, and keeping good people; leading productive meetings; delegation strategies, resources and tools for quality community engagement; information on applying and teaching leadership skills to mentees.