The graduate Certificate in Public Digital Humanities requires 12 s.h. of coursework. Students must maintain a g.p.a. of at least 3.00 in work for the certificate.

The Certificate in Public Digital Humanities requires the following coursework.

Required Course

This course:
CLAS:7290/SLIS:7290Digital Humanities Theory and Practice3


Students choose elective coursework to suit their disciplinary or technical needs. Since electives are updated every semester, students can view a full list of available elective courses as well as access an elective course petition form; visit Public Digital Humanities Certificate on the University of Iowa Libraries website.

6 s.h. from these:
AFAM:6500/AMST:6500/ENGL:6050Critical Readings in Cultural Studies: Stuart Hall's Legacy and Influences3
AMST:3600/AFAM:3600Digitizing Blackness3
AMST:5000Interdisciplinary Research in American Cultures3
ARTH:3000Digital Approaches to the Study of Art3
CINE:4620Topics in Film Form, Style, and Theory (when topic is film adaptation)3
CLSL:6014Later Empire (when topic is digital text analysis)arr.
COMM:6336Seminar in Rhetorical Theory (when topic is critical approaches to digital culture)1-4
ENGL:3182Digital Cultures and Literacies3
ENGL:6080New Media Poetics3
GEOG:3540/IGPI:3540Geographic Visualization3
GEOG:4150/GHS:4150/IGPI:4150Health and Environment: GIS Applications3
GRAD:6510Introduction to Programming1
GRAD:6521Scholarly Communication and Journal Publishing1
GRAD:6530Open Source Web Mapping for Beginners1
GWSS:3050Topics in Gender, Women's, and Sexuality Studies (when topic is race, gender, and sexuality in the digital humanities)1,3
HIST:6002Introduction to Graduate Studies in History: Historiography and Methods (when topic is digital related)3
IGPI:4580/STAT:4580Data Visualization and Data Technologies3
JMC:3122Digital and Gaming Culture3
JMC:3425Personal Branding and Building a Niche3-4
JMC:3640Information and Data Visualization3-4
JMC:6333Seminar in Media Communication (when topic is critical media studies or digital cultures or global digital media)3
RHET:7500Science Communication in the Digital Age2-3
SLIS:6100/IGPI:6100Database Management3
SLIS:6140/IGPI:6140Digital Environments3
SLIS:6145Digital Preservation and Stewardship3
SLIS:6155/IGPI:6155Information Visualization3
SLIS:6350Archives: Theory and Practice3
SLIS:6411Topics in Library and Information Science (when topic is designing "dataviz")1-3
UICB:4340/ARTS:4340Digital Design for Artists' Books3

Capstone Course

Students should complete all certificate coursework before they enroll in the capstone course.

This course:
GRAD:6590/SLIS:6590Digital Humanities Capstone3

View Public Digital Humanities Certificate on the University of Iowa Libraries website for more information.