Public Digital Humanities, Graduate Certificate

This is the first version of the 2024–25 General Catalog. Please check back regularly for changes. The final edition and the historical PDF will be published during the fall semester.

The graduate Certificate in Public Digital Humanities requires 12 s.h. of coursework. Students must maintain a Graduate College major program grade-point average of at least 3.00 for the certificate.

The Certificate in Public Digital Humanities requires the following coursework.

Required Course

Course # Title Hours
This course:
CLAS:7290Digital Humanities Theory and Practice3


Students choose elective coursework to suit their disciplinary or technical needs. Since electives are updated every semester, students can view a full list of available elective courses as well as access an elective course petition form; visit Public Digital Humanities Certificate on the University of Iowa Libraries website.

Course # Title Hours
6 s.h. from these:
AFAM:6500/AMST:6500/ENGL:6050Critical Readings in Cultural Studies: Stuart Hall's Legacy and Influences3
AMST:3078/GWSS:3078/SPST:3078Archiving Women's History3
AMST:3600/AFAM:3600Digitizing Blackness3
AMST:5000Interdisciplinary Research in American Cultures3
ARTH:3000Digital Approaches to the Study of Art3
CINE:4620Topics in Film Form, Style, and Theory (when topic is film adaptation)3
CLSL:6014Later Empire (when topic is digital text analysis)arr.
COMM:6336Seminar in Rhetorical Theory (when topic is critical approaches to digital culture)1-4
ENGL:3182Digital Cultures and Literacies3
ENGL:6080New Media Poetics3
GEOG:3540/IGPI:3540Geographic Visualization3
GEOG:4150/GHS:4150/IGPI:4150Health and Environment: GIS Applications3
GRAD:6510Introduction to Programming1
GRAD:6521Scholarly Communication and Journal Publishing1
GRAD:6522Digital Exhibits: Effective Design and Development1
GRAD:6530Open Source Web Mapping for Beginners1
GRAD:6535Data Visualization and Mapping1
GRAD:6545Introduction to Podcasting1
GWSS:3050Topics in Gender, Women's, and Sexuality Studies (when topic is race, gender, and sexuality in the digital humanities)1,3
HIST:6002Introduction to Graduate Studies in History: Historiography and Methods (when topic is digital related)3
IGPI:4580/DATA:4580/STAT:4580Data Visualization and Data Technologies3
JMC:3122Digital and Gaming Culture3
JMC:3425Personal Branding and Building a Niche3-4
JMC:3640Information and Data Visualization3-4
JMC:6333Seminar in Media Communication (when topic is critical media studies or digital cultures or global digital media)3
RHET:7500Science Communication in the Digital Age2-3
SLIS:6140/IGPI:6140Digital Environments and Library Users3
SLIS:6145Digital Preservation and Stewardship3
SLIS:6155/IGPI:6155Information Visualization3
SLIS:6350Archives: Theory and Practice3
SLIS:6411Special Topics in Library and Information Science (when topic is designing "dataviz")3

Capstone Course

Students should complete all certificate coursework before they enroll in the capstone course.

Course # Title Hours
This course:
GRAD:6590Digital Humanities Capstone3

View Public Digital Humanities Certificate on the University of Iowa Libraries website for more information.