The Department of Pediatric Dentistry instructs predoctoral and professional students in the prevention and treatment of dental diseases in children as well as individuals with special health care needs. Instruction combines didactic, laboratory, and clinical experiences and gives special consideration to reviewing current literature and managing dental problems of children and individuals with special health care needs. It also emphasizes efficient treatment through proper use of dental auxiliary personnel and record management.

D.D.S. Student Training

All second-year Doctor of Dental Surgery students participate in a one-semester lecture course that includes preclinical exercises in the Simulation Clinic. Third-year D.D.S. students participate in a clerkship, which includes a combined seminar and clinical course. During their fourth year, D.D.S. students participate in a rotation through the department's clinics.

Research Opportunities

Clinical and laboratory research projects have financial support from federal agencies and other sources. Major research areas include cariology, dental materials, dentistry for persons with special health care needs, growth and development, fluoride therapy, child behavior management, nutrition, prevention, and access to care.

Aerial view of the campus with the Dental Science Building as its focus.


Faculty members hold numerous professional offices at national and state levels, committee memberships, consultantships, and honors in professional organizations. They serve as reviewers for professional journals and federal granting agencies. They also participate regularly in continuing education programs for dentists and other health science personnel.

Professional Program of Study


Pediatric Dentistry Courses

PEDO:5220 Social, Cultural, and Public Health Issues in Pediatric Dentistry 0-1 s.h.

PEDO:5700 Advanced Didactic Pediatric Dentistry 0-1 s.h.

Lectures in advanced pediatric dentistry.

PEDO:5704 Pediatric Dentistry Grand Rounds 0-1 s.h.

Pediatric dentistry rounds.

PEDO:5706 Journal Review Practicum 0-1 s.h.

Review of journal material in pediatric dentistry.

PEDO:5724 Oral Health Care for People with Special Health Care Needs 0-1 s.h.

Providing oral health care for individuals with disabilities.

PEDO:5730 Advanced Clinical Pediatric Dentistry 0-2 s.h.

Advanced study in clinical pediatric dentistry.

PEDO:5732 Pediatric Physical Diagnosis 0-1 s.h.

Pediatric physical diagnosis for dental practice.

PEDO:5738 Clinical Application of Pediatric Conscious Sedation 0-1 s.h.

PEDO:6710 Practical Teaching in Pediatric Dentistry 0-1 s.h.

PEDO:8240 Pediatric Dentistry Diagnosis and Treatment 3 s.h.

Growth and development, behavior management, diagnostic-preventive-restorative techniques for pediatric patients.

PEDO:8370 Pediatric Dentistry: Clinical Applications arr.

Combination of didactic and clinical aspects of pediatric dentistry; radiographic interpretations, treatment planning, preventative and restorative treatment supported by didactic seminars; clinical examinations and treatments provided to infants and children less than 16 years of age.