Cardiothoracic Surgery

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Undergraduate certificate: perfusion technology


The University of Iowa cardiothoracic surgery program is the third oldest program of its kind in the United States. Since its establishment in 1948 as a division within the Department of Surgery, it is now its own department providing operative interventions for patients with diseases of the chest and performing a broad range of the most current and innovative surgical procedures.

Cardiothoracic surgery's facilities are located at University of Iowa Health Care. Each year cardiothoracic surgeons at the hospitals perform more than 500 adult and pediatric heart surgeries, including coronary bypasses, transplants, and placement of mechanical cardiac assist devices; minimally invasive procedures such as mitral valve replacement and epicardial lead placement; coronary artery bypass grafting using robotics; and more than 600 general thoracic surgeries with emphasis on esophageal and lung diseases. 

The Perfusion Technology Program is a 20-month program of study. For more information about the Perfusion Technology Program, visit the Perfusion Technology Program website.

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