The Master of Fine Arts program in Spanish creative writing requires 48 s.h. of graduate credit earned over four semesters in residence at the University of Iowa. Students complete courses in writing, including several workshops and other relevant course work. They also are required to participate in several outreach workshops in the community and to do a final public reading in the spring semester of their second year. Work toward the degree culminates in a creative thesis.

Students must enroll in SPAN:6210 Fiction Workshop, SPAN:6220 Poetry Workshop, and SPAN:6241 Creative Project Development during each year of residence in the program. Groups of 8-12 students read and critique each other's work in these courses.

The M.F.A. with a major in Spanish creative writing requires the following course work.

Required Courses
All of these:
SPAN:6210Fiction Workshop (taken twice; each for 3 s.h.)6
SPAN:6220Poetry Workshop (taken twice; each for 3 s.h.)6
SPAN:6241Creative Project Development3
At least two of these:
SPAN:6231Graphic Novel/Comic Script Workshop3
SPAN:6235Film Script/Theater Workshop3
SPAN:6241Creative Project Development (must be taken once as a requirement as noted above; may be repeated once toward elective requirement)3
SPAN:6251Workshop on Editing a Literary e-Journal3
SPAN:6260Detective Narrative Workshop3
SPAN:6280Nonfiction Workshop3
All of these:
Four graduate-level courses offered by the Department of Spanish and Portuguese12
Four additional courses offered by the M.F.A. program in Spanish creative writing, the Department of Spanish and Portuguese, or related units in consultation with faculty advisor12
SPAN:6299Thesis: Creative Writing3


Students submit their graduate thesis, a manuscript of substantial length, during their last semester, and must enroll in SPAN:6299 Thesis: Creative Writing. The thesis committee is composed of at least three members: two faculty members in the Spanish creative writing program and a third Department of Spanish and Portuguese faculty member who could be part of the creative writing program, or a faculty member from one of the related units—Center for the Book, the Creative Writing Program (Iowa Writers' Workshop), the Comparative Literature Program, or the International Writing Program.

Graduate Study Loads

Maximum course registration for all graduate students is 15 s.h. of graduate-level course work in fall or spring semesters and 12 s.h. of graduate-level work in summer sessions. Students with one-quarter-time and one-third-time teaching assistantships are permitted to register for the maximum study loads. Students who hold one-half-time assistantships are permitted to register for a maximum of 12 s.h. in fall and spring semesters and 6 s.h. in summer sessions. Students must have approval from the Graduate College to register for additional semester hours.

The minimum course registration is 2 s.h. for all graduate students. Students who fail to register for 36 months must apply for readmission to the Graduate College.

Teaching and research assistantships are available to qualified graduate students. Applications for financial support should be made directly to the Department of Spanish and Portuguese.

The Pomerantz Career Center offers multiple resources to help students find internships and jobs.