The graduate Certificate in Native American and Indigenous Studies (NAIS) requires a minimum of 18 s.h. in courses approved for the Native American and Indigenous Studies Program and numbered 3000 or above (see the list below and NAIS Courses in this section of the Catalog). Students must maintain a g.p.a. of at least 3.00 in work toward the certificate. They may count a maximum of 6 s.h. of course work from their major field of study toward the NAIS certificate.

Graduate students must apply to the academic coordinator to be admitted to the NAIS graduate certificate program. A course of study should be developed in consultation with the NAIS coordinator.

Students who earned an undergraduate certificate in the program may not receive a graduate certificate.

NAIS accepts the following courses as electives. Although these courses are not offered by NAIS, they are concerned in part with Native North Americans or other indigenous peoples of the Americas. Students may petition the NAIS faculty for permission to use other relevant courses as electives for the certificate.

American Studies
AMST:6140/HIST:6140Engaged Scholarship in the Humanities3
ANTH:3265Archaeology of the Great Plains3
Art and Art History
ARTH:3120/LAS:3120The Art of Ancient Mexico3
ARTH:3990Topics in Art History (when content is appropriate)3
EPLS:5123History of Ethnic/Minority Education3
ENGL:3418Literature and Culture of America Before 18003
ENGL:3419Literature and Culture of Nineteenth-Century America3
ENGL:3444Literatures of the American Peoples3
ENGL:6620Readings in Native American Literatures3
HIST:4221The Frontier in American History 1840-Present3
HIST:4510Colonial Latin America3
Spanish and Portuguese
SPAN:4330Colonial Spanish American Literature3