This is the first version of the 2022-23 General Catalog. The final edition and the historical PDF will be published during the fall semester.

The Center for Inclusive Academic Excellence offers the Iowa First Nations summer program for high school students and the Iowa Edge program for students entering the University of Iowa.

Precollege Program of Study

Iowa First Nations

The Iowa First Nations program enables high school students to explore the educational opportunities offered on the University of Iowa campus and by the higher education field. Iowa First Nations students live on campus for a week (Monday through Friday), spending five nights in one of the University's residence halls. They go on structured field trips to campus departments, participate in hands-on classroom experiences, and take part in activities on campus and in the community.

Undergraduate Programs

The Iowa Edge

Students enjoying a laugh photo.

The Iowa Edge Program strives to cultivate a community of leaders and future professionals among students of color, LQBTQ students, and first-generation college students. The program achieves this by connecting participants with faculty and staff, campus resources, and transformative career and leadership development activities.

Advantage Iowa

Advantage Iowa (AI) is a merit-based scholarship for incoming eligible first-year students. It is renewable for up to four years. The center provides support to AI scholars through academic coaching, connection to faculty and academic support, experiential learning, and through a first-year experience course taught by academic coaches.

Center for Inclusive Academic Excellence Courses

CIAE:0023 Iowa First Nations 0 s.h.

CIAE:1050 The Iowa Edge 1 s.h.

Preparation for academic success; students engage and participate in a series of interactive presentations, discussions, and activities; introduction to campus resources; connect with support staff; opportunities to question faculty from various departments; students build community with other participants, take part in team-building activities, and learn leadership skills that will serve them throughout their college careers; for first-year students accepted to the Iowa Edge program. Requirements: offer and acceptance to the Iowa Edge program.

CIAE:1080 Advantage Iowa: Exploring Our Identities 1 s.h.

Reflection on identity development, cultural wealth, and awareness of self and understanding of the many new people around us; engagement in interactive experiences that support personal and academic development; students have the chance to meet faculty and staff of similar backgrounds and begin to learn about themselves and how they can become successful college students; highlight of services provided by the Center for Inclusive Academic Excellence and integrates the Advantage Iowa Scholarship.

CIAE:2013 Iowa Edge Peer Leader Training 1 s.h.

Preparation for role of Iowa Edge Peer Leader; working with African American, Alaskan Native, American Indian, Asian American, Pacific Islander, Latino/a, and first generation college students; development of leadership, group facilitation, presentation, and peer mentoring skills.