Public Digital Arts

Undergraduate certificate: public digital arts



The curricular goal of the public digital arts certificate program is to give students skills to make works of art that are informed by digital technology, scholarship, and disciplinary tradition. Digital technologies keep transforming how people create, perform, and experience art. At the core of the public digital arts cluster is a commitment to innovation and interdisciplinary collaboration in research, teaching, creative work, and the public expression of the university’s creative research and scholarship.

Upon completion of the certificate program, students will be able to develop and realize artistic visions using digital technology and work collaboratively with other artists, engineers, or computer scientists. Most courses will include a public dimension, where projects are shown to a public audience.

Dancers moving in dark theater.

The Department of Theatre Arts, which administers the Certificate in Public Digital Arts, partners with the schools of Music and Art and Art History, the departments of Computer Science and Cinematic Arts (College of Liberal Arts and Sciences), and the College of Engineering to offer the certificate.