Art History, BA

The program in art history engages in problems of historical analysis and in interpretation of culture. The major provides students with a strong liberal arts background and prepares them for competitive placement in graduate schools across the country. As students progress through the major, they become familiar with historical relationships between art objects and society, learn techniques of visual analysis, study patterns of patronage, and apply methods for interpreting the meanings of art, architecture, and other forms of visual culture. In the course of their studies, art history majors develop their research abilities and writing skills.

Learning Outcomes

Students will:

  • acquire a breadth of knowledge about the field of art history through coursework in a diversity of areas;
  • learn that art embodies historical, cultural, social, and political factors within a diverse range of national, international, and global cultures;
  • acquire critical skills in visual analysis and research; and
  • develop skills in oral and written communication.