The undergraduate Certificate in Naval Hydrodynamics requires 18 s.h. of credit. Students must maintain a g.p.a. of at least 2.00 in work for the certificate. The certificate may be earned by any student admitted to the University of Iowa who is not concurrently enrolled in a UI graduate or professional degree program.

All of the certificate courses have prerequisites; students must complete all of a course's prerequisites before they may register for the course. Prerequisites do not count toward the 18 s.h. required for the certificate. Prerequisites for certificate courses are listed on the Certificate in Naval Hydrodynamics web page.

Mechanical engineering students may use the certificate as a tailored engineering focus area by adding an additional eligible course. In addition, mechanical engineering students may earn the Certificate in Naval Hydrodynamics while they complete the design elective focus area for their major.

College of Engineering students earning the certificate are advised by the Department of Mechanical Engineering.

The Certificate in Naval Hydrodynamics requires the following coursework.

Required Courses

Students must complete at least three courses from these:
ME:4125Biomimetic Fluid Dynamics3
ME:4175Computational Naval Hydrodynamics3
ME:4176Experimental Naval Hydrodynamics3
ME:5160/CEE:5369Intermediate Mechanics of Fluids3

Numerical Methods Foundational Course

One of these:
ME:4111/CEE:4511Scientific Computing and Machine Learning3
MATH:3800/CS:3700Elementary Numerical Analysis3

Capstone Course

Students must complete either a naval hydrodynamics design project or an independent investigation involving research or testing of a system related to naval hydrodynamics. If a student chooses, both courses may be completed for credit toward the certificate.

One or both of these:
ME:4098Individual Investigations: Mechanical Engineeringarr.
ME:4186Enhanced Design Experience3


Students select the remainder of the 18 s.h. required for the certificate from the following.

ME:4120Advanced Linear Control Systemsarr.
ME:5114Nonlinear Control in Robotic Systems3
ME:5143Computational Fluid and Thermal Engineering3
ME:5154Intermediate Kinematics and Dynamics3
ME:5179/CEE:5179Continuum Mechanics3
ECE:2400Linear Systems I3
ECE:3600Control Systems3
ECE:5600Control Theory3