The Regents Online Exchange is a course sharing pilot program between Iowa Regents institutions. It provides undergraduate students who are enrolled at Iowa State University (ISU) or the University of Northern Iowa (UNI) with access to a range of online course opportunities that may not be available through their home institutions. ISU or UNI students admitted to the University of Iowa can register for online courses that have been selected as course sharing courses.

The following courses, listed under College Success Initiatives in the Catalog, are offered through the Regents online exchange program.

CSI:2500Elements of Weather3
CSI:2501Elements of Weather Lab1
CSI:2505Drugs, Poisons, and Venoms3
CSI:2510Autism Intervention2
CSI:2520Introduction to Renewable Resources3
CSI:2530Network Protocols and Security3
CSI:2542World Food Issues3
CSI:2561Introduction to Performance and Design3
CSI:2581Topics in Criminology: Media and Crime3
CSI:2582Personal Finance in Early Adulthood1
CSI:2583Personal and Family Finance3
CSI:2586Studies in Forgiveness3