The undergraduate minor in rhetoric and persuasion requires a minimum of 15 s.h., including 12 s.h. earned in courses taken at the University of Iowa and at least 12 s.h. earned in Department of Rhetoric courses. Students must maintain a g.p.a. of at least 2.00 in all courses for the minor and in all UI courses for the minor. Course work in the minor may not be taken pass/nonpass.

The minor educates students in responsible, credible, and effective methods to take active leadership roles in engaging social issues in personal, professional, and communal settings. The program empowers students to look at the world as a place open to change and receptive to influence and to view themselves as agents capable of improving the world and their place in it. The minor aims to professionalize students—whether in their capacity as individual citizens, members of the community, or leaders in the workplace—by guiding them to understand audiences and situations, to use language responsibly and strategically, and to develop the integrity and authority of their own voice.

The minor in rhetoric and persuasion requires the following course work.

A maximum of five of these courses may count toward the minor:
RHET:2000/ARTS:2000/ASP:2000/EDTL:2000Big Ideas: Creativity for a Lifetime3
RHET:2031/GWSS:2000Desire, Consent, and Sex in U.S. Culture(s): Replacing Coercion and Violence with Respect3
RHET:2055/GWSS:2055Persuasion and Advocacy3
RHET:2065Persuading Different Audiences3
RHET:2075Digital Selves: Online Identities3
RHET:2085Speaking Skills3
RHET:2090Conversation Practicum3
RHET:2095Fundamental Strategies of Persuasion3
RHET:2400Idea to Innovation3
RHET:2620Body Language: Study of Movement and Gesture in Speaking3
RHET:2800Social Media: Persuasion, Influence, Connection3
RHET:3085Advanced Speaking Skills3
RHET:3130Rhetorics of Animal Advocacy3
RHET:3138/GWSS:3138/SJUS:3138Writing to Change the World (when taught by a rhetoric instructor)3
RHET:3140Nature and Society: Controversies and Images3
RHET:3150/GWSS:3700Narratives of Gender and Masculinity3
RHET:3600/COMM:3600Issues in Rhetoric and Culture: Crafting Electronic Identities3
RHET:3610/ASP:3610/GWSS:3610Writing in the Presence of Death: Rhetoric, Narrative, and Hospice3
RHET:3620Exploring Travel Adventure Tales: Following in their Footsteps3
RHET:3630Apology and the Art of Verbal Self-Defense3
RHET:3700Advocacy and Sustainability: Crafting Stories of People, Place, and Resilience3
RHET:4980Special Projects for Undergraduatesarr.
A maximum of one of these courses may count toward the minor:
BUS:3000Business Communication and Protocol3
CLSA:3742/WRIT:3742Word Power: Building English Vocabulary3
COMM:1816Business and Professional Communication3
GWSS:3138/RHET:3138/SJUS:3138Writing to Change the World (qualifies for this group if not being taught by rhetoric instructor)3
LATH:3000Latham Fellows: Science Communication Skill Building1-2
LATH:3001Latham Fellows: Science Outreach Project2
RHET:2610/THTR:2610Acting for Success3
THTR:1140Basic Acting3
THTR:3421/GWSS:3421Performing Autobiography3