The graduate Certificate in Sacred Music requires 25 s.h. of credit. It is an interdisciplinary program with courses in sacred music, choral conducting and literature, keyboard, voice, religion, and art and art history. Students may earn the certificate while working toward a graduate degree. Individuals not enrolled in a graduate program also may complete the certificate, but they must be admitted to the Graduate College and have the consent of a faculty advisor.

The Certificate in Sacred Music requires the following course work.

Liturgy, History of Church Music Hymnology, and Keyboard Studies

This area requires 10-11 s.h. of course work.

Both of these:
MUS:4454Service Playing and Improvisation2
At least 3 s.h. from these:
MUS:3021Upper Level Pianoarr.
MUS:3022Upper Level Organarr.
MUS:4210Keyboard Harmony1-2
MUS:6021Major Pianoarr.
MUS:6022Major Organarr.
At least 3 s.h. from these:
MUS:4450Organ Literature Survey2
MUS:5450History of Organ Building and Design2-3
MUS:5452Organ Pedagogy2
MUS:5475Organ Literature Special Topics2

Choral Conducting, Literature, and Vocal Studies

This area requires 7-8 s.h. of course work.

Required (if no previous conducting study):
MUS:3625Techniques of Conducting2
At least 3 s.h. from these:
MUS:3020Upper Level Voicearr.
MUS:3645Choral Conducting and Literature3
MUS:5510Graduate Diction2
MUS:5520Principles of Voice Production3
MUS:6020Major Voicearr.
MUS:6520Methods of Teaching Voice3
MUS:6561Seminar: Choral Literature and Analysis I1-3
MUS:6562Seminar: Choral Literature and Analysis II1-3
MUS:6563Seminar: Choral Literature and Analysis III1-3
MUS:6564Seminar: Choral Literature and Analysis IV1-3
MUS:6581Advanced Choral Conducting I1-3
MUS:6582Advanced Choral Conducting II1-3
MUS:6583Advanced Choral Conducting III1-3
MUS:6584Advanced Choral Conducting IV1-3

Religion, History, and Art History

This area requires 6 s.h. of course work.

ARTH:3070Themes in Baroque-Era Art3
ARTH:3390Early Medieval Art3
ARTH:3391Themes in Medieval Art3
ARTH:3550Leonardo, Raphael, and Their Contemporaries3
ARTH:3720The Romantic Revolution3
ARTH:3730Impressionism and the Visual Revolution3
ARTH:3820Modern Art3
ARTH:3840Contemporary Art3
HIST:4241Varieties of American Religion3
HIST:4412History of the Medieval Church3
HIST:4417Medieval Intellectual History 300-11503
HIST:4418Medieval Intellectual History 1150-15003
RELS:3247Banned from the Bible: Pseudepigrapha and Apocrypha3
RELS:4741Varieties of American Religion3
Other courses numbered 3000 or above approved by Certificate in Sacred Music advisor

Optional Electives

Students must complete additional course work so that they earn a total 25 s.h. of credit for the certificate.

MUS:3601Undergraduate Music Education Workshop II1
Other electives numbered 3000 or above approved by the Certificate in Sacred Music advisor