The undergraduate minor in social justice requires a minimum of 15 s.h. of course work, including at least 12 s.h. in courses numbered 2000 or above completed at the University of Iowa. Students must maintain a cumulative g.p.a. of at least 2.00 in all courses for the minor and in all UI courses for the minor. Course work in the minor may not be taken pass/nonpass.

Students may count a maximum of 3 s.h. from another University of Iowa major, minor, or certificate toward the social justice minor.

The minor in social justice requires the following course work.

Foundation Courses

Two of the following:
GWSS:3138/RHET:3138/SJUS:3138Writing to Change the World3
SOC:2810Social Inequality3
May include one of these:
SJUS:1001/GWSS:1003Introduction to Social Justice3
GWSS:1002Diversity and Power in the U.S.3
PHIL:1034Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness3

Social Movements

One of these:
GWSS:2250/HIST:2250/SJUS:2250The History of Social Justice Movements3
AFAM:3500/RELS:3808Malcolm X, King, and Human Rights3
HIST:3232History of American Inequality3
HIST:4101History of Human Rights3
HIST:4252American Labor in the Twentieth Century3
HIST:4260The Sixties in America3
SOC:4540Political Sociology and Social Movements3

Human Rights, Diversity, and Ethics

One of these:
HRTS:3906Global Crises and Human Rights3
HRTS:3910/IS:3910Human Rights Advocacy3
PHIL:3430Philosophy of Human Rights3
SSW:3847Discrimination, Oppression, and Diversity3


A course used to satisfy the foundation, social movements, or human rights, diversity, and ethics requirement cannot be taken to satisfy the elective requirement.

One of these:
GWSS:2571/ENGL:2571/SJUS:2571Visualizing Human Rights3
GWSS:3005Gender, Women's, and Sexuality Studies Practicum3
GWSS:3010/GHS:3015Transnational Sexualities3
GWSS:3100LGBTQ/Queer Studies3
GWSS:3118/ANTH:3118Politics of Reproduction3
GWSS:3157/HIST:3157Gender, Sexuality, and Human Rights3
GWSS:3200Theories for Gender, Women's, and Sexuality Studies3
GWSS:3300/ANTH:3300Mothers and Motherhood3
GWSS:3326/GHS:3327The Politics of Progress: NGOs, Development, and Sexuality3
GWSS:3450/ENGL:3820Writing About Girls3
AFAM:3500/RELS:3808Malcolm X, King, and Human Rights3
AFAM:4195/HIST:4295African American History 1619-18653
ANTH:3103Environment and Culture3
ANTH:3110/GHS:3110/NAIS:3110Health of Indigenous Peoples3
ANTH:3151/ASP:3151/GHS:3151The Anthropology of the Beginnings and Ends of Life3
ANTH:3152/ASP:3152/GHS:3152Anthropology of Caregiving and Health3
ANTH:4130/RELS:4730Religion and Environmental Ethics3
ANTH:4140/CBH:4140/GHS:4140/GWSS:4140Feminist Activism and Global Health3
ASP:3150Psychology of Aging3
COMM:4131/IS:4131Globalization and Culture3
COMM:4169/GWSS:4169Feminist Rhetorics3
CPH:3400/GEOG:3210Health, Work, and the Environment3
CPH:3500/GHS:3500Global Public Health3
EES:3070Marine Ecosystems and Conservation3
ENGL:3444Literatures of the American Peoples3
ENGL:3555/AFAM:3555Topics in African Cinema (when topic is visualizing human rights)3
ENGL:3580Identity and Social Issues3
GEOG:3340Ecosystem Services: Human Dependence on Natural Systems3
GEOG:3400Iowa Environmental Policy in Practice3
GEOG:3760/GHS:3760Hazards and Society3
GEOG:4770/GHS:4770Environmental Justice3
GHS:3720Contemporary Issues in Global Health3
GHS:4600Global Health and Human Rights3
HIST:3126History of Globalization3
HIST:3282/GWSS:3282Women and Power in U.S. History Since the Civil War3
HIST:4101History of Human Rights3
HIST:4160/GHS:4160History of Public Health3
HIST:4162/GHS:4162History of Global Health3
HIST:4216/LAS:4216Mexican American History3
HIST:4217/LAS:4217/LATS:4217Latina/o Immigration3
HIST:4260The Sixties in America3
HIST:4296/AFAM:4298African American History 1865-Present3
HIST:4640Imperialism and Modern India3
HRTS:3910/IS:3910Human Rights Advocacy3
JMC:3150/CBH:3150/GHS:3150Media and Health3
NAIS:2292/HIST:2292Introduction to American Indian History and Policy3
POLI:3104/LAS:3104/LATS:3104Immigration Politics3
POLI:3111American Public Policy3
POLI:3114Women and Politics in the United States3
POLI:3150Problems in American Politics3
POLI:3512International Conflict3
PSY:3065The Aging Mind and Brain3
PSY:3240Motivation, Addiction, and the Brain3
PSY:3560Psychology of Gender3
RELS:3020Religion and Politics3
RELS:3431/GWSS:3131Gender and Sexuality in Asia3
RELS:3580/ANTH:3113/GHS:3113Religion and Healing3
RELS:3745/AFAM:3245Twentieth-Century African American Religion: Civil Rights to Hip-Hop3
RELS:3834/IS:3834/JMC:3146/WLLC:3834Arab Spring in Context: Media, Religion, and Geopolitics3
RELS:3855/IS:3855Human Rights and Islam3
RELS:3976/NAIS:3276American Indian Environmentalism3
SOC:3830Race and Ethnicity3
SPAN:3230Modern Mexico3
SPAN:3400/LATS:3400Chicano Literature and Culture3
SPAN:3440/LATS:3440Topics in Latino/a Literature and Culture3
SPAN:4820/LATS:4800Latino/a Popular Culture3
SSW:3712/NURS:3712Human Sexuality, Diversity, and Society3
SSW:3796Family Violence3