The undergraduate Certificate in Fundraising and Philanthropy Communication (FPC) requires a minimum of 18 s.h. Students must maintain a g.p.a. of at least 2.00 in work for the certificate. The certificate may be earned by any student admitted to the University of Iowa who is not concurrently enrolled in a UI graduate or professional degree program.

The certificate is designed to provide an understanding of the profession of fundraising, philanthropy, fundraising communication, and nonprofit marketing.

There are many reasons why students might consider earning the FPC certificate—they might be interested in a career in the nonprofit sector after they graduate; they might plan a career in a related field and believe that the FPC certificate would enhance their major; or they might feel passionately about community engagement and making a greater impact in the world, so they want to learn more in the area of philanthropy.

Students majoring in journalism and mass communication may count toward the certificate a maximum of 7 s.h. of journalism credit (prefix JMC) that they earn for the major. The certificate cannot be used to satisfy the journalism and mass communication major's second area of concentration requirement. Students minoring in mass communication may count toward the certificate a maximum of 7 s.h. of journalism credit (prefix JMC) that they earn for the minor. Students in other majors should consult with their advisors to learn whether they may count certificate course work toward their majors.

When certificate students register for fundraising and philanthropy communication courses (prefix FPC) that are cross-listed with journalism and mass communication (prefix JMC), they should register for the FPC course number.

The Certificate in Fundraising and Philanthropy Communication requires the following course work.

Core Courses

The following core courses are required.

FPC:3100Fundraising Fundamentals3
FPC:3185Nonprofit and Fundraising Communication3
MGMT:3500Nonprofit Organizational Effectiveness I3

Electives and Optional Internship

Students complete the remaining 9 s.h. with elective course work or an optional internship as listed below. Certain special topics courses may fulfill the elective requirement; consult the certificate program coordinator.

Some of these courses have prerequisites, which students must complete before they register for the course. Some require special permission.

FPC:3633Philanthropy Communication in a Digital World3-4
ARTH:1080Writing About the Visual Arts3
ARTS:3400Grant Writing in the Arts3
COMM:1130The Art of Persuading Others3
DPA:3510/INTD:3510/THTR:3510Introduction to Arts Management3
EALL:4130/MUSM:4150Introduction to Grant Writing3
ENTR:3500Social Entrepreneurship3
EVNT:3154/JMC:3154Foundations of Event Management3
EVNT:3260/JMC:3260Event Planning Workshop3
GEOG:1070Contemporary Environmental Issues3
GEOG:1090Globalization and Geographic Diversity3
HHP:3850/GHS:3850Promoting Health Globally3
JMC:2200Principles of Strategic Communication3
JMC:3150/CBH:3150/GHS:3150Media and Health3
MGMT:3600/NURS:3600/RELS:3701/SSW:3600Nonprofit Organizational Effectiveness II3
MUSM:3001/ANTH:3001/EDTL:3001/SIED:3001Introduction to Museum Studies3
POLI:1600Introduction to Political Communication3
SSW:2222Introduction to Social Work4
FPC:2100Internship in Fundraising and Philanthropy Communication1-3