Undergraduate certificate: fundraising and philanthropy communication
Website: https://clas.uiowa.edu/sjmc/philanthropy-certificate

The Certificate in Fundraising and Philanthropy Communication (FPC) is designed to provide an understanding of the profession of fundraising, philanthropy, fundraising communication, and nonprofit marketing. It concentrates on best practices in the field of fundraising and nonprofit communication. In addition to learning the fundamentals of fundraising, the certificate's core courses offer hands-on opportunities for students to work directly with local nonprofits creating fundraising plans and materials, and social media calendars and content.

Students who plan to earn the certificate come from a wide range of majors, including art and art history, communication studies, finance, health and human physiology, history, international studies, journalism, leisure studies, management, marketing, political science, sport and recreation management, among others.

In addition to preparing students for the career of professional fundraiser, the FPC certificate readies students for meaningful careers in the nonprofit sector, including volunteer management, donor database management, grant writing, event planning, graphic design, and nonprofit communications, public relations, and marketing.

The certificate program also can be beneficial to students who envision themselves in a for-profit or corporate career. Since employers value community involvement, this program prepares students to make an impact in their community through volunteer activities such as assisting with fundraising campaigns and serving on nonprofit organization boards and committees.

The Certificate in Fundraising and Philanthropy Communication is administered by the School of Journalism and Mass Communication.

Undergraduate Program of Study


Fundraising and Philanthropy Communication Courses

FPC:2100 Internship in Fundraising and Philanthropy Communication1-3 s.h.

Faculty-supervised professional work experience in fundraising and philanthropy communication.

FPC:2200 Communication and Public Relations3 s.h.

Theory and practice of public relations; cultural, social, and organizational roles of public relations, opportunities, problems, and solutions.

FPC:3100 Fundraising Fundamentals3 s.h.

Nonprofit organization reliance on raised funds to survive and thrive; basic concepts of fundraising for successful nonprofit organization; work with a nonprofit organization to explore basic fundraising techniques that nonprofits typically use including donor research, annual fund campaigns (phone, mail, email), capital campaigns, events, cause-related marketing, grants, planned giving, and donor stewardship; when and how to use different fundraising strategies to meet an organization's goals. Same as JMC:3101.

FPC:3185 Nonprofit and Fundraising Communication3 s.h.

Practical experience planning and writing fundraising materials; how yearly fundraising helps approximately 1.5 million nonprofit organizations receive more than $3 billion from individuals, foundations, and corporations to help people in need, advocate for causes, support research/arts/culture, and enhance opportunities for public and/or their members. Prerequisites: FPC:3100 or MGMT:3500. Same as JMC:3100.

FPC:3633 Philanthropy Communication in a Digital World3-4 s.h.

World of philanthropy and nonprofit work that changes rapidly with and in response to developments in digital communications; campaigns and fundraisers driven by free agents on social networking sites as an example of how philanthropists and nonprofit workers operate in digital environment; overview of trends in areas of philanthropy and nonprofit work; practical skills to help communicate, create, and disseminate messages using multiple digital tools and social media; analysis of communication/media strategies; media production. Prerequisites: (JMC:2010 and JMC:2020) or FPC:3100 or MGMT:3500. Same as JMC:3633.