For more detailed information on graduate degrees in French and Francophone world studies, contact the Department of French and Italian or visit its website. The department also publishes the Guide for Graduate Students and Assistants.

The Doctor of Philosophy program in French and Francophone world studies requires a minimum of 72 s.h. of graduate credit, including credit earned for the M.A.

The Ph.D. takes at least three years of graduate study, including at least one year spent in residence at the University of Iowa. Students must pass a comprehensive examination and make a successful oral defense of their dissertation.

Requirements for the Ph.D. with a major in French and Francophone world studies include the following.

FREN:5001Introduction to Graduate Study2
FREN:7000Thesis (6 s.h. minimum)6
Three graduate courses in a related field, such as another in literature, history, or philosophy (8 s.h. minimum)8
A 5000-level course in critical theory approved by the director of graduate studies or faculty advisor3

Students must possess fifth-semester or equivalent proficiency in a foreign language other than French. They are required to spend at least one year teaching as graduate assistants in the department.

An M.A. in French is prerequisite to admission to the Ph.D. program in French and Francophone world studies. However, successful completion of an M.A. in French does not necessarily qualify a student for doctoral study.

Applicants must meet the admission requirements of the Graduate College; see the Manual of Rules and Regulations of the Graduate College.

Applicants for fall semester whose application materials are received in the department by January 15 have the best chance to be admitted and receive financial aid. They must submit academic transcripts, letters of recommendation from three persons familiar with their past academic work, Graduate Record Examination (GRE) General Test results, a statement of purpose in taking graduate work, and one or more samples of original writing, one of which should be in French, that show their ability to pursue graduate work in French (an honors thesis, term paper, seminar paper, or other course papers).

Teaching assistantships are offered through the department, and University fellowships and scholarships are available through the Graduate College. Contact the Department of French and Italian for details.

Exchange assistantship agreements with the University of Pau and the University of Poitiers provide one year of residence at these universities in France for graduate students.

The Ph.D. program is designed to prepare students for research, teaching, and professional service normally required of college and university faculty members.