Nearly every kind of organization has a need to create and manage events, from corporations to recreational centers, from hotels to sports teams. The Certificate in Event Planning is designed to serve the career goals of a growing number of students who want to learn about the profession and wish to enter the field. It combines experiential learning with academic course work, preparing students with the practical and intellectual skills necessary to succeed in the industry. The certificate is both interdisciplinary and intercollegiate.

Students who earn the Certificate in Event Planning will know and be able to demonstrate the basic principles of organizing a successful event. They will gain a robust understanding of the diverse field of event planning and careers in the event planning industry. 

In addition to these core competencies, students gain proficiency in:

  • strategic and professional communication (oral, written, visual/design, interpersonal, group, professional, social media, and marketing);
  • project management (goal setting, time management, financial, risk management, site and staff management, event design, and technology); and
  • cultural and social awareness (religious, cultural, physical, and social nuances that impact event planning choices; best practices for safe, inclusive events; and legal and ethical issues).

The School of Journalism and Mass Communication and the Departments of Communication Studies, Health and Human Physiology (College of Liberal Arts and Sciences), and the Department of Marketing (Tippie College of Business) collaborate to offer the certificate. The Certificate in Event Planning is administered by the School of Journalism and Mass Communication.

Undergraduate Program of Study


Event Planning Courses

EVNT:2110 Internship in Event Planning3 s.h.

Internship for event planning certificate. Prerequisites: (EVNT:3154 or JMC:3154 or SRM:3154) and (EVNT:3260 or JMC:3260 or SRM:3147). Same as JMC:2110.

EVNT:3154 Foundations of Event Management3 s.h.

Large, major special events, professional meetings, and conferences; development and planning, implementation of events, management and evaluation of events; development requirements of planning events, development strategies, budgeting, staffing requirements, resource allocation, site planning, basic risk management requirements, emergency procedures; event implementation policy and procedures; relationship to elements within development stages; event management and evaluation procedures. Same as JMC:3154.

EVNT:3185 Topics in Event Planning3 s.h.

Focus on particular area, issue, approach, or body of knowledge in the world of event planning; topics may include political campaign events, social media events, diversity issues, and risk management.

EVNT:3260 Event Planning Workshop3 s.h.

Hands-on experience in event planning; working with clients, conceptualizing events, lining up small and large details, promoting events via social media and other means, carrying out events, and reflecting on outcomes; meet with event planning professionals; complete individual and group projects. Same as JMC:3260.

EVNT:3270 Event Planning and the Arts3 s.h.

Development, planning, and implementation of events with relation to the arts. Same as JMC:3270.